Hiding Such Sensitivity

Ever since I was young everyone has always made a big deal about how sensitive I am. I hate it! I hate being sensitive..I hate having my feelings hurt! But it happens so easily. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I know that and that is one major thing I would love to change about myself. However, not matter how hard I try to change...it doesn't happen. I am a very caring and compassionate person which should be a god thing but because of these character traits...I get hurt. Stupid sensitivity!

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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Same here! I have very little confidence in myself. I have really high defences because I'm afraid of getting hurt and people leaving me. But I try really hard to hide it or brush it off or pretend to be happy all the time because I'm afraid that people will be annoyed with me if I complain too much.

Aggghhhhh....Same here, this is the main thing id pay for to change in myself..........ive been tryin hardly bt i return, as i were if not even worse....n nothing changes...<br />
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i hope i could help / rescue myself n change it......i really hope so

thanks...I kinda needed to hear that. My fiance says that his favortie thing about me is my compassion and big heart...but he says those are also his least favorite things cause he knows thats what gets me hurt

I am highly sensitive, myself, and I know exactly where you are coming from. But look at it this way - Would you rather people sense that you are sensitive, and feel free to come to you for support? Or would you rather keep it all inside and walled up to give off a cold aura that people would avoid? I have tried both ways, and both ways hurt. <br />
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Being sensitive is good. You should cherish that about yourself. Seriously.