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I didn't know this, but I have to say I am pretty (if not, very) sensitive. I am sensitive to many things: when animals get hurt, when people pick on those who are "different", when I see an elderly man/woman, knowing their time is coming, but at the same time, am graceful to see someone live as long as he/she did, and the worst to my sensitivity: love. I am a strong woman, but I do hurt. Sometimes, I think I can fall in love too easily, but there is something in my mind and heart that stops me from doing that, and I thank both of them for that (lol). Why is that? Maybe it's because I am such a loving woman that has a lot to offer. I would never hurt someone, as I would not want to be hurt. This could also explain why most of the time I isolate myself from human contact-because I don't want to deal with any BS. To all sensitive people: you have to be strong as well. It's OK to feel hurt and pain, but don't stay in that stage for too long, or else it will take over you. I always think that if you are sensitive, you are more loving. Why? It's something I cannot explain, just a feeling.

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I am so happy to be on this site. It's great to find people to relate to. I am glad my words make you feel better, in which, it lets me know there are people out there that understand. Thank you for the comment.

:) Thank you.

I really Doo

I love you