Certain Things I Am Sensitive About.

I warn you now that if you look up other things I've written you'll find the majority of it is sexual.

I have three daughters (two biological, one who might as well be) by an ex partner. They are 11, 11, and 13 respectively. They are all on Facebook.

Yesterday it was my birthday. I didn't expect to get anything through the post, I've never yet had a birthday card, or a Fathers day card (despite the fact that I'm the only guy to impregnate her that's hung around to see how their kids are getting on), and the only Christmas cards I've had are ones that have been hastily written as I've been delivering presents.

But I didn't even get a Facebook message. Five of my other friends wished me Happy Birthday, and I posted on my wall a message thanking them because I knew that would come up on the girls walls and maybe give them a hint.

Plus one of the twins has another guy on their profile as 'parent'. How am I supposed to react to that? Whatever I say, however I say it, could be mis-interpreted. 

I'm sat here now, quite depressed, struggling to keep the mask of my usual happy-go-lucky self on my face for my wife and stepkids. And I'm thinking that if I had the chance to change my life in the past I don't know whether I'd go as simple as wearing a condom (she said it was her safe time) or not meeting my ex in the first place.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

oh kids that age are soooooooooo oblivious. I bet they love u more than u can imagine but u might not hear that for another 20 years if then. I might ask my child about the alternate parent in a light joking play mad type manner. Happy belated birthday

I'm sorry about one of your twins posting someone else as a parent, I'm not sure what to say about it. Hope all works out for you. If it means anything, Happy Belated Birthday.