****!      Took a JUng (peronality) psychological test and um I scored a 78%,my life has become so sullen, I feebetrayed by most friends, that I have become  sucks...wanting to disappear--feeling berayed by al--it reminds me of someone who I dont want to become.....

betrayed by all...

destined to fall

Ihas being recluse...i hate being vulnerable...

shadowboxer83121 shadowboxer83121
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

Hi Shadowboxer<br />
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I am guessing that your screen name comes from the Fiona Apple song? If so, you have a great taste in music.<br />
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I think society has placed too much emphasis on being extroverted. This is especially the case in the United States (are you in the United States?) I've always been somewhat of a quiet person, and throughout my life, people like to comment "Why are you so quiet?", as if it's a bad thing. But of course, the people that have the nerve to ask this question are the extraverted talkative people. It is these people that set the social standard, and of course they set the standard so that extraversion is the preferred trait. <br />
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Embrace your introvertedness and all the wonderful things that come with it. Once you accept who you are, and love yourself for it, you will find an inner peace - at least that is what has happened with me. I still feel this peace even though I am somewhat isolated and still feel misunderstood by many. It's not my fault that they are not perceptive enough to understand me :)