I have never met anyone as sensitive as me. Some people tell me that I am overly sensitive, I mean let me tell you.. I cry over tv shows songs on the radio people getting picked on. All that doesn't bother me, what bothers me is how sensitive I am when my man is way to busy that day and doesnt hug me ( yes I know how men HATE being touchy feely) but sometimes we just need it. so anyway I get my feelings hurt and I think.. maybe he doesn't love me when in all actuallity he just had things on his mind or didnt knw that I needed one.. I like a kiss in morning and right before I go to sleep it lets me know that Im loved.. am I wierd for  that???  He does other things to let me know he loves me, like last night he went out (in his boxers and shut the car door for me cause I didnt shut the door all the way and I was nude.  

stepmom09 stepmom09
26-30, F
Mar 11, 2010