I Don't Know How To Be Any Other Way...

I'm starting to think that i get too bogged down with the slightest things that people do, whether it be a look in their eyes telling me they don't like me or getting really down about someone taking the **** out of me...I know its not a bad thing to be too sensitive at times but the problem i find is that i expect too much from people, i just assume that they will care about my feelings as i care about theirs...i love to care about people but i end up jepardising relationships because i don't feel they care about me the same way and i'm wary of being a push-over

Maybe being too sensitive is a bad thing?

poohbear26 poohbear26
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3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Cheers everyone, these comments are really helpful to me :)

My sensitivity ruled my life for as long as i can remember im starting to deal with issues alot better.... the best thing to really do is not expect much from others and just love yourself.

yeah i agree, sometimes its better not to expect much!