Why Do People Only Like Happy People?

Like many here I'm super sensitive. I'm like a radar for other people's emotions so much so that it make me nervous to be around people, afraid of seeing signs of dislike or judgements of stupidity. I've been burned so many times due to my sensitivity and caring that I've learned to control my emotions more by not expecting anything. It helps me to not get disappointed. I only reveal certain truthes to close friends during times of serious conversation. Due to recent events though I haven't been able to talk to close friends (see my blog if anyone is interested). I've just been talking to everyone who would listen, because I would go crazy inside my head if I didn't talk about it at all. It's all well and good when they listen but it's like after wards they expect things to be perfectly fine, expect me to move on, expect me to get over it. But what if I don't want to get over it? What if I can't? What if I feel so badly hurt that I just need to analyze the events over and over again until I come to terms with it in my own way? It's during times like these that all of a sudden no one has time for me. Everyone just silently stays away. Like as soon as they find out I'm actually a dark cloud that can't be fixed with smiles, subject changes, or a few words of comfort I'm a lost cause. So the only way for me to get on would be to pretend like nothing happened, pretend to be happy, pretend not to care. Am I not allowed to be unhappy? I just feel down, I just feel sad, I just feel negative, I just want to be mad, just want to release some pent up anger not continuous try to control it! What's wrong with that?

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yes i agree with every word you wrote :(<br />
yes, people only like happy people, people only like the superficial me who is tough, strong, happy, outgoing and all those positive characters; i hardly can trust anyone and to disarm myself and to let them see the mentally naked me ---- the me that is vulnerable, childish, and deeply mentally traumatized. every one left me once they see my sadness... =(

I needed time to let this issue settle and I finally talked to the right person! Balance, it takes awhile for me to find it, even now. I do feel way better. <br />
Thanks for read and commenting!

Maybe they dont understand you...you need to find the right people/ friends for you. If they dont bring out the best in you then they're not right for you. Try making a list of the things that do make you happy and look for people that have those traits....if they dont make the list look for others. keep looking, you'll find them...its so rewarding when you do. Its so rewarding to find someone to connect with... the cloud will go and your happiness will shine. Believe me, there's nothing like it...it's worth the search....you grow along the way...

nothing is wrong with it, if you like feeling this way, but if you show this side of you and not all of the other sides people might get sick of the whining, I am assuming you do not always talk about it.<br />
I beleive people can not be happy all the time. I beleive happiness is acheived through loving and helping others out. Nobody should deny their feelings but if they want friends they should think and talk about things that are in their lives and their concerns. :)