I Am A Sensitive Soul And There Are Alot Of Things Which Really Intimidate Me!

I am a sensitive soul and I am family and friends person.  I get really intimidated by authority, or posh people, famous people.  I think I am just in awe maybe?  Or curious.  I have in the past tried to overcome these fears.  One way I did it was by setting up a business!  I did this so I could meet artists, posh people and people in authority to overcome my fear!  I realized that the sensitive soul is something that cannot be taken away and it stays with you!

Yes I am a sensitive soul and I am proud :)
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1 Response Mar 23, 2011

I am a very sensetive person and have a big heart too. I told a very good friend that I am rebuilding my confidence ba<x>sed on my experiences. Some of it has been dealing with when someone gets bigger and go over you figure of speech, I get hurt because knowing I didnt do anything wrong except to speak my mind. I have had some bad times with a ex boyfriend who thought I was nothing and used to cut me down alot cuz he was thinking I am not intelligent person and can't do anything better. ONE DAY AT A TIME I TAKE WILL HELP ME IMPROVE MY CONFIDENCE. It wont be easy to do but it is a journey that I am taking and I am thankful for someone to show me...;-)