~A Very Pleasant Surprise~

It's strange how as one ages they discover so many things about life and about themselves. Up until a decade ago I never gave sex and sensuality over age fifty much thought. I suppose that I expected some magical "end of sex" curtain to close and that would be that, I guess I thought that I would happily surrender that part of myself along with the tampons and Mydol or just begin more and more to care less and less about such things.

I suppose I thought that being a merry grandmother would suffice for a fulfilling sex life from here on out. Being a Granny is indeed great, in fact this child carries my heart in his majickal little palm...but, he doesn't live with us and a Granny is not who I am every minute of every day and night. I am still very much a lusty loving human female, how perfect is nature's design to provide this little secret bonus!?

I am still sexy and sensual and so is my husband. In fact, we have more time to "think" about being sensual and sexy, and I have more days of the month to have sensual and sexy fun with my husband. I am NOT a dried up old prude who is stewing in my own hot sweats and continually disagreeably dismissing every hint of my long lost sexuality. If one reads certain books, (or listens too closely to a few of one's whiney girlfriends) this period of a woman's life sounds like sheer hell! I don't know about those dried up girlfriends~ but I think such books are often written by mystified younger men.

Surprise! Personally, I have found that in reality, over fifty sex is quite delicious and not nearly as "rare" as someone younger might assume. The privacy of an empty nest facilitates the necessary freedom, space and time for longer more luxurious love making. This is all a very pleasant surprise.

I am blessed to have one of those rare and eternally youthful girlfriends/female mentors who has not only NOT dried up but who had a hot "arrangement" with a younger man just a couple of years ago, when she was seventy. She would talk about him with shining eyes and teenage giggles!
What I am saying is that sex and sensuality does not always have to have an expiration date!
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such a good post! for me, my appetite has changed as I go through the decades, I'm more sexual now I think than I was in my 30's or early 40's I like a different adventure and earlier it was about doing ones thing and orgasming, now I like to play slowly, savor the dish and edge play.... hmmm food for thought! you a VERY sexy lady!

Seventy and sixty one is still a good age when you love someone beyond measure. The physical and spiritual togetherness stays with you. I think that love keeps you going. You also get where you can hardily walk if you dont walk and exerise. Sensuality never goes away. My Barbara looks better every time I look at her and the love grows. Enjoy

*Hugs* Thank you dear one and send Barbara my hugs too!

i've found sex to be mo' exquisite as i age. and that sensuousness need not always be a prelude to sex.

You're right! Thanks for dropping in.