What Does It Mean To Be A Sensual Woman?

Sensuality is an extreme.  It is a way to live life with the senses fully aware of the pleasurable aspects of nature, the human body, joy and interactions with others. Sensuality is focusing on the physical enjoyment of the body.  Those that are most sensual are those that have taught themselves the most about their bodies and senses in an effort to feel the most from it; they have taught their mind to focus on the joy of movement and awareness of all the senses.  

I don’t feel that sensuality is something that a person is born with and that it can be learned.  It is a matter of focusing the mind differently to use all the senses in a situation.  When you go for a walk focus on the sights and sounds of it, and feel the emotions of those you pass.  Surround yourself with different textures.  In my home you will find silk, satin, wool, and so many other fabrics.  I am constantly touching these and rubbing them because they make me feel good all over. Surround yourself with different scents and recognize their effects on you.  

Once you know what sights, sounds, touches, and smells effect you most deeply you are able to surround yourself with those things to be more sensual. At least that is what I do. 

If you haven’t experienced this then you simply do not know what you are missing. I think the best way to describe sensuality’s difference to a sensual person is to give this example; it is like the difference in listening to music and simply hearing words versus listening to the same music and hearing the melody, the notes, and feeling the emotion that the writer felt when they wrote the piece.


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I relate to this!

You have described this well. There is something about sensuality that increases the experience exponentially.

I am sitting here, near tears because the one man, so far, who came close to understanding my sensuality and how it relates to my sexuality, broke up with me three months ago. I just got home from another failed date and feel so alone. I don't know if I will ever find someone like that again. I don't know how to find that person.


Thank you Sapphire.

Thanks, spoken like a true sensual woman.

See that is the thing. I don't think that it is possible to turn it off and on. I think it is something that I am 24/7.

There's a time and place to be sensual...Turn it on- turn it off!<br />
The great Philosopher once told the princess!<br />