Very Much So...

I have a houseplant... A rhododendron, or however its spelled... Or is it philadendron? Something similar... That I got from my aunt after my grandma's funeral. It was one of the plants sent to the funeral home, for the funeral.

That thing... Its tough. Its survived being left outside in the wintertime (accidentally). I water it only when I remember to... It HATES sunlight, because when I put it in the sunshine, it wilts and the leaves start to turn yellow striped. But I talk to it. I've had it since college. Its nearly gotten thrown out several times... Been dumped over by my cat, one of my dogs, my son a few times... Every time I think I've lost it I freak out. I dunno why, but I feel like I *have* to keep that plant, no matter what, even though I'm so horrible to it. 

Then... There's this old Mickey Mouse plushie that I have. I dunno how long I've had it, but probably since I was about kiddo's age... It has no eyes.

I haven't a clue where the eyes went, but I presume the toy got left outside at some point and that one of our dogs chewed the eyes out. I can't remember. But he has no eyes. Creepy little Mickey. But I keep him anyway.

I'm... Nuts.

iFortiTude iFortiTude
Mar 2, 2009