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I am a serial monogamist I had my first real relationship at the age of 14 we dated for 2 yrs and when we broke up it broke me he was my best friend and the only person I shared everything with but he wanted way more than I could give him so I let him go. . . As you can imagine it was pretty hard to find a guy at the age of 16 that is also that adamant about love and actually wanted a relationship that serious, I found a guy dated him for a year but realized that even though it looked good in the beginning he was actually extremely to childish. Four months later I found love in his best-friend's arms. I had known him for years and we had been good friends through out the time we had known each other. . . Given the desperate state I was in to find a man I gave him a chance and we stayed together for three years. We were engaged and talking about marriage . . . right before we broke up. Which brings me to this site. . .Even though I still love him very much and I would marry him if our circumstances were different the same desperation to not be alone came back. I'm dating someone new and I waited maybe four months after the break up with my fiancee. Now a month into my new relationship, I am starting to worry that maybe I'm in love with the concept of being in love and looking past a mans flaws. . . I'm now 21 and I think my fight or flight button is broken can anyone help me fix it???
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IDK, I am just rethinking this monogamy thing altogether. I gave it my all, and did better than most of the people I was with. So monogamy did me little good. If it was a friend then the relationship would be WAY off kilter.

I can offer good spiritual guidance if u like