I was 15 when I became Seventh-Day Adventist. St the time, my whole world was falling a part. My dad was walking out on us...again. We were losing our house. There was barely any food to eat, because my mom was so consumed in her pain, that she digressed to being the child, while my sisters and I had to play the role of the parent. We were constantly reassuring her that everything would be okay, when she should have been the one reassuring and protecting us. My entire life, I had been put through this type of let down. I'd suffered abuse at the hands of my mom's countless boyfriends. I'd watched my mother be broken down into nothing and she just let it happen without even the smallest fight. I was raised to doubt my self worth. And this situation just broke the camels back. I wasn't going to school because I was too depressed to get out of bed. I went without eating because my nerves wouldn't let me. I disassociated myself with my friends. I shut everyone out.
     Then, one day, I just wanted to get better. My best friend had become a SDA a couple years before me. She had been trying to get me to come to church and I said I would several times but ended up backing out because I had grown to believe organized religion was full of judgement and animosity towards people like me. But I didn't no where else to turn, so I called her up and asked her to come get me that Saturday. She was more than willing. The second I stepped into that church, I felt peace. Everyone was so kind and accepting. I knew I was where I was supposed to be. Over the next couple of months, I attended faithfully. The emptiness inside wasn't so empty. I grew to love these people and they loved me. Even better, my faith and love for God continued to grow.
     But all good things are accompanied by the bad. The devil saw me coming to God and attacked me more than ever. Worst part was that he was using my mom to do it. She despised my new found faith. She didn't understand it and she didn't want to. She kicked me out on several occasions. She told me I wasn't a real Christian and that I was going to hell. On one occasion, she grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me through the house. I almost wanted to give up just to end the fighting. But I just couldn't bring myself to walk away. I knew it was something I had to fight for. Over the years, she's learned to "tolerate" it. God has protected me and stood by me.
     When I was 16, I was baptized into the SDA church. Although I didn't have the support of my family, I had the support of my church family. God used them to give me the strength to make it. It's been a hard road these three years, but I'm getting through it. I thank God for bringing me to this faith. It saved my life. I don't know that I would be here without the support group he has given me. I praise him for this amazing gift and opportunity. I am 18 now, and I am clinging to him as I begin another chapter of my life.
brokenyetstrong brokenyetstrong
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T___T God is with you.. From the start.. Thanks God for giving you those trials:)) Because the trials you experience ..Give me courage to Stand firm:))

you have been chosen by God to bring others into his message of truth and Love just as he used your friend to help bring you stay strong my sister in Christ.

Amen and being with God power is amazing things we have different callings but somehow its for you and im sure as you grow up with God vocation im sure alot of things will come and your always be protected by spirits and the wisdom given to you.

Your God destroyed my life. And he keep going on. When will you open your eyes and see that's he's the really evil? You're all blind.and weak, I can help if you want. Just ask and I can open your mind and show how danger and poison is God.

God bless, inspiring story

brokenyetstrong, I find in religious controversy that respect is earned when you make your points ba<x>sed on informed research and not just on the basis of supposition or hearsay. Christians should always be willing to agree on sc<x>riptural teachings as consistently interpreted and practised from the time of the Apostles.

I am amazed to hear that you believe all these things without having the courage to carefully check them out for yourself. Thank you for your conversation thus far. I am sorry you have terminated this conversation. I will respect your wishes, but believe you are making a very large mistake in not looking into the claims of the Catholic Church. I sincerely wish you well, and may the blessing of Jesus Christ be upon you. Never be frightened of the truth. Always seek the truth, and follow where it leads.

I am a 47yo gay guy who is an the verge of leaving the Catholic church. I understand that you are a traditional Catholic, I assume that to be one who prefers the Tridentine Mass. I must say I love the old Mass for me it really makes me feel near to God rather than those awful guitar masses.

Any way I have been reaserching a lot of church history, and doing a lot of Bible reading, and what I have discovered so far has both shocked and alarmed me. So many of the Popes brazenly behaved like Satanists. Pope Innocent iii { innocent what a joke }, ordered the fourth crusade which saw the sack of Constantinople and the murder of all the Priests and worshipers in the Hagia Sophia. The crusaders then stole all the treasures and sacred relics, and took them back to St Mark's Venice, and the Vatican. Still to this day those stolen items have not been returned. Why ! So much for thou shalt not steal ! Further, little wonder the Greek Orthodox can't stand us Catholics.

The inquistition which dragged on for centuries which saw so many innocent people tortured and killed. Even St Joan of Arc was murderd by the church. Not to mention Pope Alexander vi, that despicable and incestuos Borgia Pope who turned the Vatican into a murderous brothel. Then there were the witch trials need I go on.

The catholic church even today with the outrageous sex abuse scandals still going on, is still hiding peophile preists. And as for that hypocritical Cardinal of the Westminter Diocese in London, who was chatting up young seminarians and Priests and then lied about it. I'm glad He's gone.

On a different subject I do now accept the Sabbath day ordained by God, and that this day has not been changed by God. I do not go to Mass on Sunday in obedience to some early Pope, I want to obey God alone. I go to Mass on Saturday. The dietry, purity and ceremonial laws are not the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments were never done away with by God. There is nothing in all the New Tastament which states that God wanted a change.

The early church, the Pope or the Emperor Constantine cannot over rule Our Heavenly Father. I have a Sabbath obligation not a Sunday Obligation. Lets face it Our church has committed the worst crimes imaginable and with more research I know I will find and unearth more hypocrites who have sat on the throne of St Peter.

Dear lovebordercollies,
How does what any pope or any person for that matter, affect you and your salvation? You're in a stand alone situation. Forget all that other stuff and concentrate on the first question in the Catechism; "Why did God make me?" Answer: "God made me to know, love and serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next." Simple. All who ignore this are going to have deep remorse and bitter regret at the hour of death, if during life, they have not devoted themselves to the service of God. How great will be your disappointment when, at the close of your days, you will percieve that nothing remains at that sorrowful moment of all your goods, of all your pleasures, and of all your earthly glory, but a shadow which flies before you, and a bitter remembrance which pursues you! What will be your consternation when you discover that, for the sake of miserable vanities, you have lost your God, your soul, and your salvation, without the possibility of being able to repair your misfortune? Despair! Cruel torment! You will then see the value of the time that you are losing; but it will be too late. Gladly would you then purchase time at the price of all you have; but you will not be able to do so. How full of bitterness and sorrow will be that day for every soul that has not loved and served the Lord! So look ahead to that awful day and do now that which you would want to do then. Give up sodomy, for it is one on the five sins that cry to heaven for vengeance. Stay with the Catholic Tradition, because Christ founded ONE CHURCH, not churchES. And stop trying to sift the Bible. Unless you are specially trained in this, you will enter the quicksand. Accept the authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church on this, for it is Her book, and who better to interpret Her book, than She Herself? Stay clear of the many sects and concentrate on your own salvation. Remember, it is not how we begin that matters, but how we end. These delvings into "history" are at best, deceptions and decoys to keep you distracted. Keep, or start, praying to the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph. They will help you with their Son, who is most outraged by your homosexuality and your flirting with a sect your Church, the One True Church has already pronounced false. I will keep you in my prayers. I wish you well, and I will see you at the General Judgement, hopefully on the right side.You have been told! God Bless You.


You are so like many heartless Catholics who dismiss and arrogantly choose to ignor the crimes and unimaginable suffering imposed by the leadership of the church. Yes thats right, our church leaders have lied and decieved the faithful. Even the most recent Popes have not admitted fully the depths to which the Church went. John Paul II'ds rather glib and evasive appology did not acknowledge or name the sins, this is a Church requirement for a full and honest confession. For well over one thousand years Rome was just a cess pit of evil and remains so till they clean out the peodphiles.

To dismiss what has taken place at the hands of the church leaders as a mere "distraction" is to yet again spit on their memory and praise the evil of those stinking Popes. It's just like laughing at the recently murdered in Boston. Wake up will you. Where is your sence of decency and compassion.

I have not yet left the church and I intend to speak often, and remind Catholics and indeed anyone who will care to listen of the churches crimes and it's proud and arrogant past. Our Lord will not forgive us if we choose to overlook and ignor what the Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Religious have done throughout the ages.

It shocks and dismays me that the Priests of our church have never admitted once the churches evil, yet those hypocrites preach from their pulpits and make out that they are so good.

It's funny that you say catholic churches do not contradict God, as they pray to saints and the virgin mary, they've been known to except payments in return of supposed entrance to heaven, they hold the pope equal to God, and they believe that priest have the power to forgive. And no these are not speculations, as people of the catholic church have told me this, themselves. And this is where our conversation ends. I do not buy into the catholic teachings. So you are wasting your breath.

Let us look at whether sc<x>ripture in any way, justifies such a change as you assert, as a fact. Christ, of course, accepting the Old law prior to fulfilling and perfecting it by His new revelation, observed Saturday. <br />
1. But He Himself prepared the way for the change of day. <br />
2. He defended His disciples when the Jews accused them of not observing the Sabbath strictly in the traditional sense. Matt. XII., 1-8. <br />
3. He rebukes a too severe an interpretation of the Sabbath law. Lk. XIII., 10-16; XIV., 1-5; Jn. V., 9-18; VII., 22.<br />
4. He shows His authority to do as He may please with the Sabbath. Mk. II., 27-28.<br />
5. Nowhere does He re-assert the obligation of observing the Jewish Sabbath.<br />
6. Never does He quote the Jewish law.<br />
<br />
In marked constrast, the New Testament pays special honour to Sunday.<br />
1. Christ arose on a Sunday.<br />
2. He appeared to His apostles on a Sunday.<br />
3. He chose the following Sunday to appear to them when St. Thomas was present.<br />
4. Fifty days later, He chose Sunday for the bestowal of the Holy Spirit upon His Church.<br />
5. The first Catholics themselves observed Sunday from the very beginning. "On the FIRST day of the week, when we were assembled to break bread." Acts XX., 7.<br />
6. Saint Paul rebuked the Galatians because of their tendency to revert to Jewish customs, and above all their observance of Jewish days, AS IF THEY WERE STILL BINDING. Gal IV., 9-10.<br />
7. To the Corinthians he wrote, "As I have given order to the churches of Galatia, SO DO YE ALSO. On the FIRST day of the week let every one of you put apart..........what it shall well please him" towards the collection on behalf of the Church. I Cor., XVI., 1-2.<br />
8. In Rev. I., 10. St. John tells us that he was in the spirit "on the Lord's day," that is on the day on which Christ rose from the dead, and which was already dedicated to Him as sacred in a special way.<br />
This doesn't sound like a "MAN instilled authority" to me, and hopefully proves my point from sc<x>ripture.<br />
You say that God does not contradict what He says. <br />
On that argument <br />
1. He could not have changed from the Old Law to the New Law, <br />
2. nor from the Jews to the Catholics. <br />
3. Our Lord said, "You have heard it said in the Law; but now I say unto you." <br />
4. And, He deliberately abrogated certain Jewish legislation concerning marriage. <br />
He CERTAINLY admitted the possibility of some changes.<br />
Concerning your "one jot or tittle...................from the Law until all is fulfilled," quote. God is not a liar and the Catholic Church is not wrong. God Himself predicted in Isaiah II., 2-3. that He would establish a visible Church to which all nations would come, and that out of that Church the law would proceed to teach us His ways. In due time He sent His only Son, who established the Catholic Church, and She tells us God's present law. God has not changed. The law has been fulfilled as He promised. If one decides to do different successive things, one's decision does not change merely because the undertakings change successively. The Jews decided to observe Saturday, and the Catholics, in view of what they knew of God's present wishes, decided to observe Sunday. The Sabbath was not changed but TRANSFERRED to Sunday, and the Bible itself backs up the legitimacy of this change. I hope you check these claims out.

Briefly, the Catholic Church is the one true Church and Catholic beliefs (correctly understood) do not contradict the Bible (correctly understood.) <br />
I must say here I only use the Douay - Rheims Bible as it is an absolutely faithful translation into English of the Latin Vulgate Bible, which St. Jerome translated into Latin FROM THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGES. He spoke Greek from birth, and being an educated man, he also knew Latin perfectly; speaking it as we do English. He also knew Hebrew and Aramaic nearly as well. He also learned Chaldaic just so he could check the translation of the Book of Daniel. He lived at Bethlehem close enough to consult with the learned rabbis. He was a towering linguistic genius and a great saint, and he had access to ancient Hebrew and Greek manusc<x>ripts of the second and third centuries which have since perished and are no longer available today. It was a WORD FOR WORD rendering of the original texts into Latin. It is, without doubt the best version around.<br />
Also, while we can not know for certain if we will make it to heaven, we can be certain that if we are working towards heaven, then we can already think that we will make it, provided we go wherever truth leads. <br />
You say your "faith is true and strong" but can you be sure your understandings are ba<x>sed on reason and not just on feelings? <br />
On the changing of the day, because of "MAN instilled authority" I will return, as my daughter wants me to take her to her Irish dancing class.

*then you should do your own research.

ok, so your telling me the Catholic faith is the only TRUE faith of God. Interesting, how you can tell me that, when so many catholic beliefs contradict the bible, itself. However, I will not go into that. But I will say, I think your the on who is mislead. My faith is true and quite strong. I take His presence wherever I go. And another thing, you say no one can be sure of their salvation I disagree. If you read the writings of the apostle's, I am quite sure that you can see it very clearly, that they knew they would be reunited with Jesus one day, as a person is truly saved should. I am a Christian first, a Seventh Day adventist second. Oh and another thing, the Sabbath is the Seventh day, as stated in the fourth commandment, however the Roman Catholic church changed it today, because of MAN-instilled authority, not God's, as God does not contradict what he says. And he made it quite clear that, "For assuredly, I say to you, wtill heaven and earth pass away, one 2jot or one 3tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled." In Matthew 5:18. And if you don't believe that they are the one's who changed it.

No one can be sure of their eventual salvation, and I am not rash enough in making any predictions about whether or not you personally, will make it to heaven, though I hope to see you there and we can laugh about all this then. In the mean-time, you must re-read my earlier answer carefully to see that I have not presumed anything in your case. Most people do not do what is necessary to save their soul and thus lose it. How do you avoid hell? Since you do not have the true Faith, you could scarcely know that the Catholic Faith is none other than God's own religion. Those outside this Faith have only a vague notion at best of what is entailed in the task of saving one's soul. And when one probes their thinking, he usually finds a personal religious philosophy that has been haphazardly assembled from various sources - a partial understanding of the Bible, early (and rather incomplete and poorly remembered) religious instruction, personal experience, the example of others, worldly "wisdom," and so forth - but yet their personal moral philosophy (as exemplified by their actions) almost always condones and/or accepts things which are DIRECTLY AT VARIANCE with what Our Lord Himself has said will lead a person to Hell. Whether such people are sincere I cannot judge, for I cannot see inside their consciences. That they are confused and living by a patchwork quilt of pieced together moral philosophy, and that their philosophy contradicts in some points what Christ explicitly taught (e.g., "He that shall marry her that is put away committeth adultery" - Matt. 5:32) is obvious. Here I may recall James 2:10 "And whosoever shall keep the whole law, but offend in one point, is become guilty of all." You make some other erroneous points, but it seems you have a good heart and genuinely seek the truth. Seek and you shall find.

Thank you for your concern, however, I am not going to hell. If you want to be technical, no denomination was established by Christ himself, as their were no denominations in his life. And no, the Bible does not say to keep "Saturdays" holy, as our days different. However, since the beginning, the Seventh day was set aside as a holy day of rest. However, it is not works that will send me to heaven,but the grace of God. Not only that, but as a man, and not God, who are you to tell me whether I'm going to heaven, or not. And the TRUE church of Christ is not judged by a denomination nor man made doctrine, but by those who truly love Christ with all their hearts, and proclaim it with their tongues as well as their hearts, and choose to follow his laws, Which I do. So thank you, but I am not going to hell. Of this, I am sure

I am sorry to hear of the sad knocks you have had in life and glad of the Providence of God in bringing you to a group of people who have given you support. They are sincere people and God will reward them for their kindness to you. But, I have to say that your mother was right about one thing. She told you you weren't a real Christian, and she was right in that. You see the Bible nowhere so much as hints that the followers of Christ must observe Saturday. If one really wishes for the true religion of Christ, he certainly could not become a Seventh Day Adventist. If you believe in Christ, you must believe that He kept His promises. He said, "I will build My Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." His true Church must have been founded by Him personally, and it could never go wrong. I am not speaking here of the people in it for each one of us certainly CAN go wrong. But who commenced the Seventh Day Adventists? And when? Certainly Christ did not establish that sect. It began in the 19th century - 19 centuries too late to be the work of Christ.. The Seventh Day Adventists are simply an offshoot of the Millerites, the followers of William Miller who began to give his religious ideas to the world in 1831. The kindly people who are your friends are mistaken and deluded. You must look further for this Church that He established if you do not wish the second part of your mom's prophecy to come true.

I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been through before you found God but on the lighter side, i'm so glad that you found Him around the SDA family. Keep the faith! God speed

thanks.I will:)