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hahaha, the topic of Adventism has never ceased to amaze me. My mother grew up a mormon/methodist, my father was a Hindu and in the end their 6 kids were brought up as Jehovah's Witnesses. I found church boring and a waste of time whilst growing up, never did anything for me but to see cute guys and hang out with the friends you met and made.

In 2002 did i really give my Life to God, as did the rest of my family one by one in their own time did they feel it was time to surrender their life to God. Now this didnt mean to kill yourself and slave yourself away for HIm lol but simply admitting that YOur life is NOT your own. We were baptised into the Pentecoastal church and MAN it was powerful, i guess you dont really understand until you experience it for yourself. At first i thought evryone was weird, raising their hands, yelling hallelujah, shaking, crying uncontrolably, it just all didnt make any sense to me. Only when I started to read the Bible - the book people call Ancient and oldschool when really they are- did i really start to understand someone called the Holy Spirit- its not an it so people should get it right, but in all there are three beings: God Jehovah, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Once we accepted Jesus we were so strong, and were blessed with the gifts of dreams and visions (Icorinthian12 & Joel 2:28). to cut an extremely long story short, my mama had a series of dreams and visions that eventually led us to Australia (we were living in NEw Zealand at the time). One of those dreams she had of the 10 commandments. the next, of a finger pointing to the 4th which is the sabbath commandment- Keeping the sabbath day holy. My mama was so confused! she said "God what are you trying to say? we keep the sabbath on a sunday! what we do on a sunday is for you!". My sinblings and I were also part of the worship team. 

Now we loved our fellow brethren but becoming Seventh day adventists was FAR from our minds! we thought those people were weird!!! lol. 3 confirmations were given, 

1) My 2 older sibblings were the ones most UNHAPPY with the dream. Whilst they were at work on a friday afternoon they were asked to work overtime. My sis was a checkout operator, as soon as she looked down at the til she was blinded in one eye, she could not see anything! My brother walked in about an hour later and confessed the same thing! it was then he rememebred "hey sis, dont  they say the sabbath starts when the sun goes down on friday?".

2) Mama had a dream about the books of Daniel and Revelation and if you know your bilbe these books are CRAZY! they talk about beasts and dragons and etc and so we read it like a story book night after night in our devotions trying to figure out why God revealed these books to us and what the point was coz we were getting kinda bored and tired of reading it over and over. Not even 2 Days later e get a knock from Seventh day adventists from the Samoan Independant SDA church inviting us to their seminar. it had been going on for 4 weeks and they found us in their LAST WEEK! When we got there they were talking about the books of Danie and revelation!!

3) when we got fed up because we couldnt shop on the sabbath we figured "God is a God of freedom- which is absolutely true but let me explain later" and decided to go shopping. This time round it felt so wrong! so unusal for us because Saturday was our shoping day. as we got home however and were going about our business inside the house, we heard a Loud crash at the front of our house. now we had a massive rock sitting on the edge of our driveway, about more than 90cm and a car had crashed into it, broke it into LLITTLE pieces then driven away. Now my house was situted on a bend so it was confusing because really, how Could you dirve STRAIGHT into the rock, reverse and continue driving?? ANd thats not the freky part, at that same time my sister came running out of the room with a panic look on her face and said "its us Guys!!" . While this happened at the same time she was reading in the bible about how moses came down and when seeing the ISraelites sinning threw down the 10 commandments and smashed the tablets into small pieces.


The transition was very hard and if it DID not say it in the Bible then we would NOT be SDA but the fact that it does makes one thing very clear, God desires his people to worhsip and rest on the day he created right from the beginning. People say "oh the law is done away with!" but so that would mean we are allowed to kill and gossip about eachother right?? The fact is the law is there to show us our sin, we shouldnt be UNDER it, God knows we aint good enough to keep it perfectly but it is there as a guide. The first 4 commandments are for you and GOD and the rest of the 6 are for you and PEOPLE.

I disagree with SDA pushing the faith and beliefs onto others and calling SUnday worhipers the Mark of the beast or any of that nonsence hence creating haters. I think that because i have that background i understand what it is like. they just need to be reminded that SALVAATION IS NOT BASED ON THE KEEPING OF THE LAW but having FAITH in Jesus christ just as the bible sayss! if you would like to know more or confrim things be sure to let me know!



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If Jesus is new/spiritual sabbath i.e. LORD OF THE SABBATH then aren't we always observing sabbath if we are always observing HIM!!!! And besides if you don't work do you really need a sabbath day of rest and obtaining from WORK? Many ppl fail to realize that since Jesus has come things are no longer just physical now , there is now the additional of the spiritual acts as well as physical, the spiritual sin as well as physical , the spiritual keeping of the doctrine of Jesus Christ as well as the physical!

Some body should tell me if it is possible to change a birth day to a different date.Your obvious answer is no.Then how can you be able to change the earth's birth-day.The sabbath is a commeration of God's work of creation and therefore it acts as the birth-day of the earth.You should remember that God himself rested,sanctified and blessed it(Genesis 2:1-3),the very thing he did with the first marriage.And these are the two institutions that were thus set even before sin entered into this world.<br />
If it doesn't matter which day God requires you to hold as the Sabbath,why did He have your mother dream about the Ten Commandments and crearly her you the visions about the books of Daniel and Revelation? This is a message you should go out preaching uncompromisingly,otherwise you will stand to answer on the day of judgement of having not warned the world about the false sabbath which is of heathen origin and through the Catholic church to the rest of the protestants.<br />
<br />
It is so sweet to trust in Jesus,<br />
Just to take Him at His word,<br />
Just to rest upon His promise <br />
Just to know thus saith the Lord<br />
<br />
John 14:15("If you love me keep My commandments")

@umutwana what your saying is not justification in fact its debunked by this simple truth....days in the bible are ORDINAL for a reason for the very fact that day names are disposition (they change) . For example October 2 in 2010 is a DIFFERENT DAY NAME in 2011 and 2012 HOWEVER it is still the 2nd day of the 10th month...and this is how the BIBLE categorizes days ORDINAL so that the set position never changes although the day it falls on DOES CHANGE!!!!!!! Besides let me add this point b4 i give biblical proof...according to scripture not evern 7th day was the sabbath and not every sabbath was the 7th day...there was also sabbath on 1st day and 8th day according to scripture!

1. Let us examine Lev 24:27-32 : if we look at the 7th month and 1st/9th/10th days of that month and equate that to our years of 10' 11' 12' , you will notice that if we equate BIBLICAL sabbath to our calendar/days of the week, it does not always fall on (Saturday) the day you said is sabbath!

2. Let us examine Lev 23:24 &amp; 27 closer : In the 7th month the 1st and 10th day are observed as a sabbath but equating that to our time in years '10 '11 '12 they are all different days and only once is a day on Saturday. You will notice that the 7th day of this 7th month was not observed as!

3.I find it difficult/impossible to relate 1400 BC etc. events to our day and time with accuracy HOWEVER if I just reference BC/AD etc. events as they are in the bible (ordinal) then there is accuracy!

six days shall thou labor and do thy work but the seventh day is the lord thy God. If that's not plain, the world really needs help. Let's see...sunday-friday. 6 days. saturday...7th day. well well, look at that.

The first Catholics themselves observed Sunday from the very beginning. "On the first day of the week, when we were assembled to break bread." Acts XX.,7. St. Paul (a Catholic) rebuked the Galatians because of their tendency to revert to Jewish customs as if they were still binding. Gal. IV., 9 - 10. He would rebuke you too. To the Corinthians he wrote, "As I have given order to the churches of Galatia, so do ye also. On the first day of the week let every one of you put apart......what it shall well please him" towards the collection on behalf of the Church. 1 Cor., XVI., 1 - 2. In Rev. I., 10 St. John (also a Catholic) tells us that he was in the spirit "on the Lord's Day," i.e., on the day on which Christ rose from the dead, and which was already dedicated to Him as sacred in a special way. Why isn't it sacred to you? St. Paul and St. John disagree with your stance, or wouldn't they know? Do you cling to it all because it somehow makes you different? Is it worth being at odds with Our Lord Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation for you? I wish you well, but you must look at the facts. The Seventh Day Adventists simply add to the confusion of every man and his dog doing their own thing with regards to the very precise plan of salvation.

Are you forgetting Genesis 2? Long before the law?

pretty texts, now show me one where God himself changed his law. The last time i checked, we were Christians, as in followers of Christ. You can try to conform texts taken out of content but you will never see one where you can say God himself changed his holy day. So nice not really.

"He rested on the seventh day." That is, He ceased to make any new kinds of things, though, as Our Lord tells us, John v. 17, "He still worketh," by conserving and governing all things, and creating souls.
None of the above "pretty texts" are taken out of context, as you allege. Rightly understood, all scripture is of equal value, and you may not ignore any of it.
You speak of a Christian Church to which you belong? God Himself predicted in Isaias II., 2-3, that He would establish a visible Church to which all nations would come, and that out of that Church the law would proceed to teach us His ways. In due time, He sent His Son, who established the Catholic Church, and she tells us God's present law. God has not changed. The Israelites decided to observe Saturday. The Catholic Church, which Jesus Christ established as the fulfillment of the old law, transferred God's day of rest from Saturday to Sunday, as was her right. Through the divinely appointed Catholic Church, God showed His will in this matter.

You know what tickles me the most? The Sabbath, as mentioned in the Bible, has nothing, NOTHING, to do with the Gentile people. Moses and the Hebrew people were told to keep the Sabbath. In my research, I found that a woman called Ellen Gould White founded the Seventh Day Adventist religion in the late 1800s. I'd rather adhere to the faith that Jesus established on the Day of Pentecost 2000 years ago, which doesn't go by these religious titles: Pentecostals, Adventists, Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Jehovah Witnesses, Episcopals, Catholics, etc. You name it!. Religion is so divisive. I'd rather be in the true church (not ba<x>sed on a building), which is the Body of Christ than to be fixated on any particular denomination. Period.

I agree with you when you say you would rather adhere to the faith in Christ rather than go by a name and thats just what this world has come down to. I also believe that the sabbath DID have something to do with the gentile people - thats what a tight bible study will explain to you but I dont think it should become a mere stance on salvation. God loves people who worship on sabbath or on a sunday.

Are you forgetting Genesis 2, which is long before any law?

Are you forgetting Genesis 2, which was LONG before any law to anyone?

your right that is funny...except...then even Jesus worshiped on the seventh day and rested on that day as well. Or did you forget that he rose on sunday but rested on saturday. But yeah, interesting you talk about a true church but find obeying God's word offensive. But it's all good after all, all you have to do is give your life to him and he shows you the way.

of course God loves everyone, they are his people. But he also said, if you love me,keep my commandments. Choosing to follow things that are only convenient does not show love.

As the Hebrews kept Saturday holy, in honour of God's rest, so we keep the first day of the week , by apostolic tradition, to thank God for the creation of the world on that day, and much more for the blessings which we derive from the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the sending down of the Holy Ghost, which have given it a title above all other days.

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This is the link:<br /><br />
By the way, your testimony is amazing. I believe God is really trying to tell you something and believe me when I tell you there are many stories like your's all around the world happening. If you read Revelation, I know you said its a confusing book, but if you read the 1st 3 versus of Revelation, it says the WHOLE book is ALL about the Revelation of JESUS. And pay close attention to verse 3. I havent met any church that knows and preaches Revelation in its truest entirety like SDA's. Its really amazing when you do, please watch the link and you'll know EXACTLY why you guys are being led into something new. Revelation said this very thing that happened to you, will be happening. Its amazing.

thanks Sonyp. I definitely know it was Gods leading! 7 years on and still going stronger than ever x

Hi, Adventists dont believe that you have to keep the Law TO be saved. They believe we have to keep the law BECAUSE we are saved. Unsaved people have no regard for God's law. If after you are saved you act the same, then there really isnt a difference in a saved and unsaved person. You should watch this series and let me know what you think please. I pray you have your Bible with you when you watch.

Ah but i did not say that, what I said was that People focus too much on the law that instead of following it knowing it shows our sins, they end up becoming Under it that it becomes a burden to them.

Ok, that part about not needing the law to get to heaven isn't true. Its more like "You can't get there without it, but you won't get there because of it." When you really believe in God, you will almost automatically follow his law.

hahah thanks mate! LOL i guess it all depends on FLAVOUR ;) x

oo you guys have good food. i used to go to a seventh day adventist health food kind of mm. you guys know where it's at