I Screwed Up My Life Over Sex Addiction

Hello my name is david i have been in a relationship for 6 years with some one who i love so much. My addiction started when i was 13, i was a virgin sex addict till i was 19 when i met my wife. We were together for 5 years and she found out what i was doing behind her back because i was to ashamed to talk to her about it. She told if i done it 1 more time she would leave me i was doing good for a while then i went back into it. She found out again and we split up i love her i cant live my life without her. She started researching and found all these articles that described me to the teeth. That's when i found out that i was an addict i was wandering if any others would help me with my problem or give me tips on what to do i want to stay with my wife so much but i cant with this addiction.
dew21986 dew21986
Dec 5, 2012