It Is Over Powering Me Again

The past few days I have had the urge to have sex like crazy. I have ****** my wife twice a day for the past week and it simply isn't satisfying me. Not because of her. I always feel better after we have sex.

I just have the urge to do something different or be with someone different just for the sake of it being different. I want to show my **** to a stranger and it is taking over every waking minute.

I have been a good boy for a while but now it is building up again. It has gotten so much worse after I saw the neighbor girl through the window ******* her boyfriend. Now sex is all I can think about. I try to work but every few minutes I get distracted by the thought of licking and sucking and ******* or being sucked and touched.
lover97302 lover97302
41-45, M
Jan 16, 2013