Didnt Mean For to Happen This Way

For me it's like I turned on a faucet and I broke the the knob while trying to turn it off. the urge comes on so strong sometimes and I fight everyday to control it. The only way I manage is to play the piano or sports or work to keep my brain off of it. But when I do I see some girl bend over in front of me the urge kicks in.... whats a  guy too do...I mean to waste a whole day having sex is crazzzyyyy right?? some people say thats normal but I'm not sure any more.

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my advice: Divorce her and have sex with me.. I have never experienced having sex with other men..

Help me! Am I a sex addict?? I have always had a strong drive. My first girlfriend and I used to have sex for hours. I could come three or five times every sex session. After her, some of the women I met would allow and appreciate the stamina. Some actually threw me out of bed.<br />
My wife married me this way. We had a girlfriend share our bed for fifteen years...a few sex sessions per year. I had a girlfriend for two years and NOW wife wants couples therapy for my "problem". She resents the other one. Wife has stopped that. Should I divorce and lose everything? Should I try to work things out? I resent the fact she is withholding on me.......<br />
What say you?? Ronnie

Please dont generalize, the entire women community dont lack ''gracefulness and decency''. Id say what you put out and expect is what you get back in return. If you want ''gracefulness and decency'', then be that way yourself.

^^hmmm interesting proposition. I would say my urge depends on body type too.<br />

Maybe we should get married, we'd be eternally happy wasting every day for the rest of our lives having sex... because that's exactly what I wish I could do.

Where were you when I was younger!!! I would not love to spend the day with you now!

I have to ask what exactly are you looking for in a woman beside decency and gracefulness? Can I go a bit further.....? What do you do when these women "throw themselves at you?" I find it interesting when a man tells from his own mouth what he likes and dislikes from a woman. For example, I like having a couple male friends around to tell me if my plans for getting a guys' attention or even to advise me on certain things in my relationship (kinda like a do and don't list) are even worth trying. Its worked out. Okay I don't mean to pry, but do you go to church? Maybe you'll find a nice girl there or at a library. Whatever you do I hope you find it and be insanely happy. Lily

truthfully a meaningful relationship is what my soul needs but women these days.....what happened to gracefulness and decency? they just throw it at me it seems

WOW, I have to give you props for confessing this. I am being nosy and reading through your stories and this is the first time that I have read something like this. Its good that you see that having sex all day is crazy. I have to ask what is it that your looking for...deep down in your soul??? Its something you want and casual sex isn't fulfilling it. I hope you find what your looking for and it satisfies you like your favorite meal. I have to say its good to hear that your wanting some "nucki" and not no....well you know. Oh yeah good job on keeping your wits and focus on things that are good for your soul and spirit.