Mania Is My Goddess

I love sex, and I think most people love sex. Or rather, they think they do. Mania is defined as, "madness; excessive excitement or enthusiasm." It is also the name of the ancient Roman goddess of the dead, as well as the name of the Greek goddess of insanity.

I have my sexual needs under control most of the time, but I can also feel myself slipping into sex mania -- when it takes over my mind and body. My ***** is constantly wet and the nerve endings in my body seem to be extended outside of my skin! Nothing can satisfy me sexually in those states, and I would die trying to be satisfied (though exhaustion eventually forces me to pass out and sleep). I will **** anything and anyone, and I need it constantly and repetitively. My lover (whom I only see on weekends) can **** me 20 or 30 times a day, and it's still not enough. He laughs and enjoys that I'm constantly horny for him, and will accept his hands, ******, mouth, etc. if his **** simply is not available. I need his ***. I need his lust. And as rough and as sadistic as he is, he has been awed and tamed by my sex drive. I think he's in love with me, but I want him to be in love with my *****, ***, and mouth!

When i'm that horny, I *** when his **** gags my throat, or when he thrusts into my *** without the benefit of lubrication of any sort. I *** when he's spanking or slapping me, and I ****** like crazy when he chokes me, tortures my nipples, and leaves hickies and other marks on me. And I want more! I feel my body vibrating with need, and anything will set it off. Like I said, my nerves feels like they are poking out of me, and the act of walking to get a class of water or sitting down will set off an urgent need for a hard, rough ****.

I'm rather high maintenance when I'm like this. I'd love to be serviced by too many people. Too bad the men in my life tend to be jealous jerks and want to keep me tethered to them. So, to my mind, they have no one to blame when I demand more!

So yes, my mania is a sort of insanity, where death can become the ultimate orgasmic result. If not for the protective device of exhaustion, I'd **** myself to death when these bouts hit me. A combined sex-Mania sounds like my type of goddess!
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

thank you, anonomousguy! i hope you give in to your inner mania, too!