Would Love To Experience An Older Woman

 im about to be 23 and ive had my share of girls to be affectionate with. but lately ive began to wonder what it would be like to experience intimacy with an older woman. someone who was a bit more in tune with her body, someone who could appreciate and give  back pleasurable actions better than im used to. i have heard that women enter their sexual peak during their mid thirties....oh how i would love to see if this was true.... in turn im sure i that i would be able to surpass the levels of performance that they are used to. i crave a more mature lust as much as an older women craves new, exceptional talent  

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

lol easy there buddy im just telling people a fantasy i have im not trying to pick up anyone. (especially not here) im not "God" at sex either.....im good but no god. theres plenty of guys who bag more chicks than me i just said "my share" so i didnt have to put a number on it, its besides the point. and yes theyre obviously appreciating it or else they wouldnt be sleeping with me a second or third time. maybe the one night stands werent but who the hell cares im just sharing a fantasy! I'll try and change my age on my profile to make u feel better and in return u go get laid to make me feel better deal?

Penthouse forum is that way -----------><br />
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If you're 23, why does your profile say 18-21?<br />
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You're going to try to pick up a woman by critiquing your former lovers? And then boast about your prowess? Any man who feels the need to tell the world what a god he is in bed, rarely lives up to it. <br />
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If your lovers aren't appreciating your prowess or "giving back pleasurable actions", perhaps you're not as good as you think.