How Hard Can It Be?

My birthday was a few days ago, and I told my wife all I wanted as a present was good sex.  I wanted her to put a little thought and effort into it, since she usually just tries to get it over with as quickly as possible.  I'm still waiting; I tell her the one thing I want, leave all the details up to her, let her decide what she wants to do to make it special, and she does not follow through.  I would have been happy with some lingerie and candles; it does not need to be something kinky, just romantic and memorable.  What can I do?  Beyond complain on here, of course...

mike3380 mike3380
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6 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I did not mean to imply I get sex once a week, only that when it happens I can expect to wait at least a week before it happens again. Sometimes two, or three... Things could be worse, though, because it usually happens a few times a month.

I know the feeling. I read other's comments and am amazed. Guys who still want their wives? Who knew?

Sex in bed all day sounds great. But my wife refuses to make love more than once in a day, and she is always in a hurry to get it over with. (Honestly, she resists doing it more than once in a week...) Reading comments like yours makes me wonder what I am missing, what else is out there...

Meant to add, Happy Birthday. When mine passed, I knew I wasn't getting what I wanted (sex in bed all day), so I went out and celebrated by myself. I spent the whole day doing what I wanted and it was actually pretty nice. I think it helped my self-esteem a little bit because I wasn't sitting there waiting for him to figure it out.

If I can figure out a way, I promise I will share it with everyone here. To do otherwise would just be wrong...

If you figure out how to get through to her, let me know. Maybe it would work on my spouse.