While In Thailand

Let’s just be clear about something straight of, I didn't go to Thailand on business I went there to **** everyone I could. I ****** shaved bargirl ***** and tight lady boy ***** and I sprayed *** everywhere for my two week stay, but the thing I enjoyed most was my morning BJ.

He hotel I stayed in where very understanding about the quests people would bring to their room and if you didn't want to go out and get a bar girl a walk to the lobby was all that was needed to get one as they were leaving.

I like to sleep alone so after I was finished with them I would give them a peck on the cheek and send them on their merry way thus my mornings where free to shower and relax by the pool until the urge came apron me again and I would go out on the prowl.

It started on y third morning I was coming out of the shower and as I walked into my bedroom the cleaner was their making my bed, I always left a tip for the cleaners when I stay in a hotel but as I was running late I hadn't done it yet so I got my wallet and gave her a few hundred bah (about 4 pounds) when she took it she sat on the bed and reached under my towel for my ****. Never one to look a gift BJ in the mouth I let her.

Once she sucked me hard she told me the rules, she said she wasn't a ***** as she only sucked **** and I could only touch her above the waist. If the hotel found out she would be sacked so I couldn't tell anyone and that she wasn't a *****. She told me she was married with 2 kids in the Philippines and she only did this for the extra money and she wasn't a *****; with that she popped my **** back in her mouth until I exploded.

This went on every morning until after a heavy night about a week and a half in, she walked in and I still had a hooker there, she just cleaned up and started to leave, when I got up I asked her about my tip she looked at the bed and said no. I took her into the bathroom and she told me she didn't want the ***** to see her do it. I laughed then and told her that exactly what I wanted and after she washed my **** and balls in the sink (because the ***** had touched them) I brought her out to the main room ******** her to the waist and had her suck me off as I groped her tiny *******. The hooker I was with laughed and started saying things to her I didn't understand but I dont think they were nice. After I came across her **** they both left and I settled down for a snooze.

I was awoken an hour later by a rather embarrassed hotel manager who asked me if I had been propositioned by one of the cleaning staff.
I said no, i said my cleaner was excellent and I had no idea what they where talking about.

The next moring as she was cleaning my room shetold me the hooker reported her to the manager as not to lose business but she thanked me for not saying anything.

When she started to suck my **** I reached straight for her ***** she said no again as she wasnt a ***** and i just looked at her, it was time for some payback, she realised what i wanted stood up and undressed, she really didn't **** anyone as she had a really hairy *****. Asi pushed into her i asked her ifshe was a ***** now because i was ******* her, she noded yes. I found this very hot and ****** her so hard. Half way throught i flipped her over threw more money at her telling her that if she was a ***** she better get paid for it and then pumped her ***, it was the tighest onei had out there.

I had two days left of holiday and every minute she wasn't cleaning rooms she was bouncing on my ****, i even got her to shave her ***** as well as some more perverted things i'm not going to mention here.

When Ileft i was tempted to tell the hotel manager she offered me sex on the last day but i didn't after all she had been the best room service ever.
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mmmmmm ..... wow .... i would love to go over there for nothing but ladyboys and the hookers , just like you described .... sounds like alot of fun... i would like find a bi **** buddy to dresss up for and fullfill my need for ****..... its been along time since i had a **** in my mouth.... ive never had a real one in my ***.. just ******.... you wanna be my playmate.. i live near birmingham,al .. where are you from ?

wish i was in ur place...wanna go again to thailand???

I'm glad you didn't report her for your awesome service:)


Great story! Makes me want to go there! Talented lips, *****, and nice tight ***** - sounds like a great trip!

Just came from Phuket, I had so many little ******* and *****.<br />
I loved it and cant wait to go back

your story got me really horny thanks

Got me nice and wet after reading it, nice story.

Who's ur travel agent? Ever ben to Amsterdam??????