As I Promised In My Ouija Board Story....

Ok. The first incident was the summer I was 5. We went to a fishing ware with my great uncles brother. He ran the ware and would let us kids sit up in front and guide the horse. We had to use a horse drawn wagon to get out on to the beach. :) Anyway, that was the year I found out why he let the kids guide the horse....It was so his hands were free to roam around. (I believe you get the picture). I told my family, but nothing was done. I never went there again.

The second incident lasted a year. He was the same age as me & said he was my friend. I was teased and tormented a lot in school & he said he'd keep them from doing that anymore. I believed he was my friend...Stupid girl!! He & a couple of his friends would take me behind the school where none of the teachers could see & he'd do things to me.... I never told. =(

There was a third incident but I'm way over it. So I'm not gonna put it down here. It really isn't worth the space. It was just a sloppy kiss when I was 16 that I didn't want from a man at least twice my age. I was belted into a car at the time. Oh.....Nothing was done then either. :( See a pattern???

The thing that really freaked me out especially after momma told me her ouija board story was that I was suppose to die in a car crash when I was 5..... Funny how none of the sexual abuse or bullying or anything else bad happened to me til after my 5th birthday...................... Guess I fell off GOD's radar, because I wasn't suppose to be alive. Momma's selfishness is the only reason I am still here.

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Your story reminds me alot of my own, with the sexual abuse. I was sexually abused all my life by my cousin who is a year older than me. I have suffered so much trauma. Also, a man almost twice my age forced drunken kissing on me when I was 15. I was terrifed he would rape me, luckily he passed out drunk.

I haven't given up on God, He's there, watching to see what we make of our lives, not to live our lives for us. We make our own choices. And have to live with them.<br />
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Wyn, you're going on, just like I am, we have to, and for strength we find our friends, and friends help me to have faith.<br />
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Thanks for sharing and being strong.

Thank you I do believe we can be a support to each other

I admire you for sharing, I believe you are helping yourself, as well as others.. You are giving me strength<br />
to keep on keeping on..I was A ****** victim and I am still working on it..<br />
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