I Am A Sexual Being

One thing all of us have in common is that we are human. With being human we also have sexual desires and fantasies.  As evidenced right here on Experience Project those fantasies can include absolutely anything. 

So far I have shared mainly spiritual type stories and I plan to continue adding more but I am also more than just that.  I am human and I have my own sexual desires.  Though unfortunately for me I doubt that I will get to experience most of mine physically during this lifetime.  This is because I am male to female transgender.  At this point I have not done anything to transition other than self hypnosis for breast growth.  At this time it is just not feasible for me to do more that that because of my children.  I do not wish to have them asked uncomfortable questions by their peers until they are older and can handle that kind of thing.  I also doubt that I will ever have the opportunity to have bottom surgery but who knows where the adventure of this lifetime will take me by the end of it.

Since I will not be able to experience a sexual encounter as a true woman in this lifetime I have decided the best I will be able to do is creative visualization.  The stories I will be sharing are all my fictional fantasies that I dream of having living every day as a woman.  Also since this is the cyber world I plan on taking a few liberties such as not worrying about getting pregnant or diseased.

Also boys please keep my silly boys story in mind.  These are my fantasies and not an invitation to send me all sorts of perverted private messages.  Though i do fully expect those kinds of story comments.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy.  : )
Aiyana77 Aiyana77
36-40, T
Nov 30, 2012