What Is a Sexual Being??

There are many sexual beings and the definitions are quite astonishing. I like to think I am a normal sexual being (whatever that is)..................well quite normal, although I like to try new things................................I'm certainly not a prude, but here are some true definitions of strange sexual beings.

Your opinions, I am sure will be varied and very interesting as always....................

CABALLI Lustful spirits, still possessed of their earthly passions, who instinctively seek out living persons of similar inclination for the purpose of gratifying their desires. Spiritualists believe that they are especially attracted to lustful and salacious mediums, whose powers permit the Caballi to materialize and so experience more intense pleasures than are possible to them otherwise. However, their sexual practices also take place on the astral planes, where they copulate with a variety of astral beings and with humans visiting the planes in their astral bodies.

ELVES In the Teutonic tradition, Elves court mortal women, seduce them, and sometimes, if the women resist their advances, become kidnapers and rapists. The Elves are the offspring of the unions of demons with mortals and their gestation period may be as brief as four weeks or as long as one year. They may be born singly, as twins, or in litters. They are inclined to mischief of all sorts and often assist their witch-mothers in injuring human adversaries.

SATYRS Beings physically similar to Fauns. They were extremely lustful (so much so that the medical term satyriasis is derived from them), copulating with women, nymphs and animals, especially goats. There is a remarkable statue of a Satyr copulating with a goat at the Museo Nazionale in Naples. (Some say that the Satyr is Pan himself.) This admirable work of art is pictured in Hans Licht's Sexual Life in Ancient Greece.

RUSALKI Beautiful but cruel Slavic spirits with eyes that burn as with a green fire. Men die in their embraces, but it is said to be worth the price.

NYMPHS Elementals (usually) of various sorts, living in forests, at the edges of streams, etc., who may assume human form and even dress as humans and move in human society without being recognized as supernatural beings. They frequently enter into sexual relationships with men; also with Satyrs, Fauns, Pans, etc.

MERMAID She is in some respects the counterpart of the Water Nymph, who lures men down into the water to drown; and of the Siren, who also lures men to their doom by her beauty and/or singing. The Mermaid was often beautiful from her waist up, but her lower body was that of a fish. However, some authorities supplied her with two fishtails, like legs, with a vagina in between.

MERMAN The male counterpart of the (presently better known) Mermaid. Some held that Mermen were conceived as the result of humans copulating with large fishes; or that fishes were impregnated by the ***** of cadavers tossed into the sea, giving birth to both Mermen and dreadful Sea Monsters. The Merman was said to be sexually attracted to human females, though his body from the waist down was that of a fish and he was not usually provided with an organ suitable for copulation.

YUKSHEE The most beautiful, voluptuous, and sexually insatiable of the many Hindu succubi. Her lovers become eroticly exhausted and not infrequently impotent as a result of her gluttonous demands. Only Kokah Pundit, an immensely virile minister of state in the eleventh century, is credited with having been more than a match sexually for a Yukshee.

I think fungirlmmmm is a YUKSHEE....................................LOL!! 


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I was going to be a "tattle tell" for the first time in my life as I thought fungirlmmm should know of your slander. Low and behold...fungirlmmm seems to admire your audacity. Darn. I was hoping she would have me have you eat your own toes...DD


You are a naughty sexual being but a very sexy naughty boy.... You might be mighty fine my friend. MMMM you are hot. . . have I told you yet today that I think you are very hawt? LOL