My Inner *****

While my sexuality has been actuated many times, my kinkiness has never been realized out of fear. As of this date, it is all in my mind. It's a strange feeling to be scared of yourself. A ***** resides within me capable of all sorts of hardcore, sexual acts that could easily lead to destruction, yet only when I'm in the heights of desire do those ideas seem pleasurable. Within a split second after climax is reached those same ideas that, seconds ago, I wanted to happen and even sometimes planned to make happen, suddenly seem disgusting to me. My inner ***** scares me because I know exactly what she's capable of. I have been able to keep her caged and even when I let her out of the cage, I make sure she's on a short leash, but I am feaful of the day I feel I have nothing to lose and try to realize those fantasies.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 11, 2013