Blind, Deaf, Chairbound, Whatever...

I've had friends and lovers who were disabled in various ways, but my experience is that once I adapted to their habits -- usually a matter of a few hours of time together -- I tended to stop being aware of the differences. Which has its upsides and downsides. I was friends and co-workers with a blind guy and we often hung out and ran errands together.

The problem was that I would frequently forget that he could not see what I was doing, forcing him to have to call out in the grocery store, "Hey, forget something?" Same type of situation with a deaf girl I hooked up and hung out with. She was excellent at reading lips, so I would forget that she was not aware of environmental noises.

Basically, I find that it takes me much less time to accept someone's disability than it does to fully learn how to understand it and adjust my actions appropriately.Perhaps it is because I'm thoroughly atypical in less obvious ways, or perhaps it is because I'm vastly more entertained by the intellectual than the athletic, but simple physical incapacities like sensory limitation or motor limitation do not strike me as barriers to friendship, collegiality or sex.

As far as sex goes, certain activities or positions may be restricted by some disabilities, but there are just so many possibilities that this seems like a minor inconvenience. I'd rather **** a really horny, hot disabled girl than a dead-fish model any day. I'd also rather hang out with Stephen Hawking than whomever is the celebrity athlete of the moment.
LordCuntMaster LordCuntMaster
41-45, M
Jan 23, 2013