Guess What?

Guess What? I see you. You may not believe me, but I do see you. You are not a shadow, or a ghost to me. I see the wonderful person that you are. You do mean it all to me. I know that you have a lot to offer. You do not have to be alone. There have been a lot of people that have felt like you. Some of them try very hard to reach out to help someone that feels like you do. They reach out to you, you will find love there. Go to a good Jesus People Church where you will find people that will love you there. They have had the same as you. They will understand you. If you have a hard time going to a church, then go to AA Meetings. You do not have to have taken drugs or alcohol to go there. These meetings are free. It is the best support loving positive group I have ever known. You will be loved, and accepted there. Read my articles, and poems on Alicehath "I Nature Lover", or I've Been Changed. Some of these poems have been published. Maybe you can try to do some poetry yourself. Go out and do volunteer work. Stop being by yourself. You will find friends there. Work for a Animal Shelter, March of Dimes, Pregnancy Support Centers, Charity Stores, etc. Your life will be filled with so much to do your life will be filled with joy. Don't be lonely. There are friends waiting just for you. Jesus is the best friend you can have. He has always loved you. Even if everything in your life has gone wrong, God is right there by your side. He is always saying to you "I Love You!" Say, Jesus please be in my life. I need you more than ever. I fully accept you into my life. Help me live each and everyday I will be your friend. Please be my friend, forever. Jesus will be there for you always". I did this a long time ago, and He really will be there for you, always loving you. Go out and live. Jesus will be by your side each and every step of your life. I will pray for you all. I pray that God will fill you with Holy Godly Love.
Alicehath Alicehath
56-60, F
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

As a person who's been in the dark, living a lie so others will rise, I don't believe that God is the ultimate solution like most people say so. In my time in the light as a believer, I've found truth in the sc<x>riptures and derailed myself from the enlightenment of God's grace.<br />
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And the world doesn't work as you say it does. Most people aren't as willing to take other's problems into their own hands willingly. Friends aren't made from simply putting one's self into society. The 'friends' you speak of is a shell of a lie. The 'friends' you speak of give false reconciliation to 'comfort' you, not to fix or mend to our wounds.<br />
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I know I don't speak for the majority of those who are in the dark with me but, me myself, love being alone. I gain solitude from being alone. Just because we are alone does not mean that we are hurting or lonely.<br />
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Don't get me wrong, there's much more topics I've yet to cover but they're to controversial to speak of, I mean, I'd love to depict every single thing you have typed to belittle you but I don't want you or anybody else to give your empathy or sympathy to a demented person like me.<br />
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To simply put, only we can better ourselves and I've certainly not come to that resolve just yet.

I respect what you are saying. Not all friends area lie. When I write my stuff it is to help those that are in great need. It goes a long way. I hope you have a happier life someday. God and friends can be very healing, and healthy. God is with you even if you are alone in your solitude. I will pray for you. I am a Jesus People, nothing establishment about me at all. I only want to love and care. Hope your life changes for the best.