My Name Is Chelsea And I Think I Might Be Shaman Or Awaken One.

I have always be spiritually type of person and i had christian views much at young age and read the bible. believe in god and angels. but later down the road i started to like native American belief system and what they believe in.when i was 10 and younger i like animation and watch a lot of Walt Disney movies.the movie spirited away from hayao miyazaki inspired me that maybe there are other places and other people other than us. i always pray and wish to god for friends or have some one to talk to. when i was 10 years old i believe i was contacted by spirits or people from another realm and they were talking about me it seem that way. i did speak to that group one of the nights at first i was scare of voices i hear and things i can see freak me out at that young age. i use to telepathy these voices and thought them has friends being never really had any when i was young. i was bully and pick on all through elementary years and some of middle school and some of high school. i do have medical problems. but i believe what i witnessed made me stronger person now. people chatted with really help me out a lot and made me think that being different is alright. I am 20 1/2 years old now. i think my illness was appendicitis it was right before senior exams i was in hospital for couple few weeks. i can still hear and see things what i mean i see things i can see things in varies materials like rain drops, construction paper, darkness, daylight when you close your eyes and see colors i saw animation of things, clouds, snow flakes like on window of a car and tiles and stuff on walls. i love nature and loved it more when i was child and love to think i was exploring things. i love animals and think geese and goats are my cousins being of my horoscope. i feel have strong connection with them and help them out. recently i help outdoor cat and i call her angel and i have called cats that name when i was younger. i feel that everything is equal. if i am a shaman what should i do to help train myself on my own being i don't a lot of money to do long distance type of stuff. if you want you can contact me via email which is if you could answer my question or i can look here if what is easier for any one of you. i need help to learn my true purpose in this world. thank you. if you need to know more contact my email and thanks. Also i forgot i love music and love to sing songs. music one thing that calms me down or helps me out. From Chelsea.
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Thank you wolfluver. i might try this out it just sometimes it hard to focus and meditate. i know i felt connections with animals and i do believe i was reincarnated. i need to expand my telepathic ability to my totem animals. being i usually hear voices than actually see it clearly. but only can talk to those of my past and very small talk with Greek god and goddess. but you are right i will save this

Also it hard for me to remember my dreams sometimes they are very burly dreams even when i do. they are either to quick for me to respond to them or i wake up and it is gone and my head feels cloudy.

It's difficult to remember your dreams, yeah. I have difficulty. If you ask to remember it and lay in bed for a little bit you'll remember it. It sounds like you may be a Shaman. Maybe ask those of your past and the Greek god/goddess? They might be able to help.

Well, simply do this.
1. Before bed, raise your face and hands to the sky (or ceiling), and say "send me a dream that gives me the answer if I am a Shaman or not." (you can arrange the words, etc, but it must have the same meaning- you want an answer in your dream.) Ask to remember it.
2. You will wake up. Lay in the same position that you awoke in for a few moments until you remember the dream. Recall every detail and write it down. Study it, and you will find out the answer.

Oh yeah, if you are a Shaman ( if the answer is yes) do this to find your totem animal: ( your animal guide)
1.Ask to meet your animal totem.
2. Close your eyes. Make your spine COMFORTABLY straight. Breathe deeply for times, send all stress to a dumpster or to the sun to be burned. When you are relaxed, continue.
3. Imagine yourself in a safe, natural place. It could be a meadow or forest. Follow your instincts. When this is established, MENTALLY ask to meet your animal totem.
4. Wait. An animal should appear.
5. Ask three questions. (What are you? What do you need from me in this partnership? What is your special power for me?) It may answer in your head or out loud. Listen. OPTIONAL: ask more questions
6. When you feel you are finished, thank the animal for showing up. Then slowly come back to 'Earth'. Research this animal. Study the prey. You can mentally ask it questions, and if you are open, it will mentally reply.
NOTE: your eyes must be closed during the meditation! If it is a Coyote- be suspicious- Coyote is a trickster!
RESOURCES: me! I'm a Plains Cree Shaman!
OTHERS: Read Animal Speak, Urban Shaman, or Finding your Spirit Animal.
ALSO: A totem animal/ animal totem is one animal that guides you for life. There may be other spirit animals (those that are temporary for tough times, etc), that come to you. If you sense another presence or a sign, meditate, but ask to see your Spirit Animal instead. Good Luck. ;) You may have to retry the meditation a few times, be patient.

Oh yeah, sorry! Even if you aren't a Shaman, you can find your animal totem and spirit guides, because everyone has one. ;)