A Friend Of Wolves And Birds

I've always been interested in mystic things, magic and nature. And also felt a need for some purpose in life. Most of my life has been rough in many ways, and over ten years I had a depression. It was going mostly worse and worse. Outside everything seemed normal. I tried to get help, but it didn't work...

Until last year. I happened to read a book from Serge King, called Urban Shaman. That was the first step. After a few months of thinking I bought it for myself and read it again. I couldn't have agreed more with things it said. Meanwhile I had done couple vision journeys. I found out that a wolf is my power animal. I've always been into them! I also made a trip to get my powers back. That took a time to start affecting, and some things I didn't understand until now. Good that I wrote it down. Today there's no depression. I'm actually happy, maybe the first time ever. I'm on my way to be a healer.


(I'd like to practice my skills, so feel free to contact me, if you think I can help somehow.)

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Wow! I am a Plains Cree Shaman, and although I am proud, I am not telling who my animal totem is. I just recently found him and he is a permanent one, although I just found him and he is still a little hesitant, and our relationship needs to build up.

I seem to have much in common with your thinking. My power animal is the panther though. Im thinking about getting the book you mentioned.