I'm not but my girlfriend fantasizes about being ****** in front of people and it turns me on to a point. I encourage her fantasies and there's more. Anyone have any insight into sex in front of people?
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Have shared many sexual encounters in the past with strangers people we have just met

Love between a man and woman is always beautiful to watch. And, being watched is also fun. Go for it.

When we were dating, my wife was very much like that. She loved PDA and would get very turned on by it but it made me uncomfortable. The tables have since turned and we both get a thrill from it now.

My wife and I had sex at a party we were hosting and people came in and watched. It was fun.

It's an amazing buzz. Something you'll share together. Try it discreetly like in the sea. Go.from.there. Enjoy each other.

Sounds like a keeper.

Wtf man drop her.

I know right! 4 years ago is have said the same thing. We are in a relationship focusing on openness and honesty. We encourage our fantasies. It's hard sometimes but it goes both ways. And we won't do anything we don't want to. Hard to explain. But I appreciate the bro advice, I do.