So They Say

they say it's not possible to do on the physical plain, but i'm going to keep trying. this form is jsut too confining for me.
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Thumbs up for you, ma'am. Keep trying~

Still not luck, but I'm getting a lot better with energy

I cannot shift on the physical plane but my abilities range within the energy I am able to create at will. I can continue to exist without sleep or fatigue for up to 5 days. When I concentrate hard enough I can make my thinking quicker and reflexes and strength faster and stronger. I can also direct my energy towards others and indirectly control decisions and thoughts.

I am Wolfclan.<br />
FangflashR is my name.<br />
The only time I have ever shifted on the physical plane is when that which I love was threatened.

i care rarely shift in my dreamtime. it's a skill i'm still workin on though. unlike flying, phasing and controlling my surroundings, those i can do quite well, again only in my dreams :/ I'm also working on teleportation in dreamtime, that;s a toughie. as for irl as we call it, energy work is the best magic i can do. not quite as flashy or superpowered as what i'd like but still fun and cool

that's fascinating.. do you shift on other non-physical planes?

Shifting on the physical plane is a rare gift...<br />
there are certain cultures where this gift is accepted and encouraged and taught.