Why Does Being Me Have To Be So Hard?

I feel like a wolf, i know its said alot on this site but its true none the less, ive been searching everywhere, trying to find someone who understands what im going through but no one does neither in real life nor so far, online. I love the night and i label myself as nocturnal, im lethargic during the day and hyped up at night especially during the full moon where it's usually impossible for me to get to sleep. I howl whenever im alone like im trying to find someone though i know there's no one to really hear me ans i whine when im sad and growl when im angry. I love dogs and dogs love me, its like i understand everything they do and can almost understand them but cats hate me. We have a cat where i just moved to and she's nice to everyone but me, she scratches me and hisses at me whenever im near her and last night she ran at me and bit my leg hard enough to make it bleed, i thought at first it was just that i was new but now im not so sure, and when she bit me I growled at her, teeth bared and all. I sleep curled up ontop my bed, i cant even get under the covers, i just curl up on top of it and sometimes it like the wolf part takes over, for no reason ill find myself on all fours staring at myself in my mirror like im looking at someone else, ill paw and whine at the mirror like im willing the person i see to be who i am. It usually only lasts a short while but the whole time i walk on all fours in my room and dont say a single word, i sometimes even feel as if i had a tail and if i concentrate and close my eyes i feel my body change but when i open them nothing has happened. I dont know, i have dreams of shifting as well that only ive noticed usually happen around the half moon though im not sure it its relevant. I just want someone to get me, ive hid all this from my family though so far it hasnt been hard, so far they havent been around me when the wolf comes in but its only a matter of time. I just moved here so i have no Friends yet but i hope in the future i can have a Friend to confide in but till that comes about I'm seeking knowledge here, any who can help?
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i know how you feel xD i have been a therian for 3 almsot 4 years now and if you want i can help you and so on and be your friend? :3

Well honestly alot of that doesn't actually pertain to being a Therian. As in, cats don't hate all wolf therians and the moon doesn't factor much (we don't shift only on full moons and such) although the energy of the moon effects everyone in different ways so that's arguable as well. Humans tend to be mystified by the moon and romanticize it mostly. You also mention how you have this connection with dogs and it could be because of your being wolf, however I'm a type of cat and I find myself hating cats sometimes (atleast my own XD) and while I do love dogs, I also tend to get frustrated at them like any other creature that's in my life (cat, dog or human).<br />
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Shifts can be quite strong and when one closes their eyes its alot easier naturally to feel your energy and how it has changed. So if you have strong phantom shifts (especially feeling an entire phantom Body) that can be a bit distressing because I've heard of (and experienced) so many that get so depressed by not being able to change into that form. You have to learn to love what you have though, we are all like this for a reason ;}-<<br />
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You don't have to fill your family in on everything in your life, that's something I've seen a few struggle with but Therianthropy is one of those things most sadly wouldn't understand. Keep your ears and eyes open though, I've only recently discovered that there are others in our area sort of on accident, so you'll never know who you'll find. I do recommend getting out and about though (try not to get too comfy with Just being online)<br />
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Anyway, hope you find what you're looking for...<br />
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Im a wampire

if your serious about this i whould deleate your comment