The Change

it all started when i moved to a city near Phoenix in Arizona the first person i met was a girl who was native American (i learn this later) we talked for while
she said her name was Kaile and people call her wolf cub and didn't think much of this at the time. one thing i should mention is that i kinda liked her more then i do most girls.she also made it quite obvious that she liked me to .

later i met a few others who said to stay away from her they said a couple things like shes weird, crazy, sicopath, and most common dangerous.i didn't this to them i wonder if this is because i was in love. so the next day i went out side and walked to and open space that was called the green field (named by the local kids) to find her  meditating i was about to ask her hey, how are you?but the weirdest thing is before i spoke she said "good and you?"! i swore LOUD which is something because i don't curse she just jumped of the 20ft tree she had been meditating on ever so gracefully.i figured she must be in gymnastics or something .

a couple days later the same event happen only she told me not to disturb her i ignored bad decision she jumped down her eyes changed dark red she stared write into my was pain full i ran away as fast as i could i didn't tell my parents this situation be cause i didn't wont to be put into another mental hospital again (another story).that night i had a pain full not a dreamless sleep but a sleepless dream it hard to explain.the next day a had a great crave of meat that night we had steak i got it cooked almost raw i completely devoured without much control,as the days passed i had more urges such as chasing objects , attacking people, and being highly alarmed when a stranger enters my house. two weeks later Kaile appeared from out of now where laffing about my stress. she said " your not going crazy."
i practically yelled "what did you do to me!"
she said" i changed you"
"what the h*** does the mean" i asked
then she explained the story about the tribe she belongs to, her abilities and so on these things i cannot tell you or i will get eaten (if I'm lucky)
She said if i am to become a member of the pack i must be trained to control my self so i do not appear as a rabid human

i now understand my friends nick name
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I'm sorry, I can't help but to envy you.

I have had a dream where I was part of a wolf pack and when my mate was killed I was so heartbroken that I actually shapeshifted into a Redtail Hawk and flew away from my tribe. I also feel alert around strangers.

lucky lol ;))

damnn that sounds like loads of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well good luck on joining them i canhelp if you do or dont want it but i would do it because i love wolves i cant say much more but if you want to talk please contact me on facebook and i will help in any way i can<br />
curtis morley