Wolf Shifting

I would love to be a wolf more than anything else. I want to run,howl,hunt,be free, & just be around the animal I can relate to most of all.
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I dint consider myself an expert but I can help with questions. And it won't take weeks for me to reply back. Promise! (maybe a couple of days at the most)

well in your experience how long does it take one to fully shift

What do you mean by fully shift? Are you referring to physical shifting? Most people never do. It's rare that it happens. You must be able to accrue a large amount of shifting energy and know when to release it or " let go".

I'll post more about that tomorrow.

As I was saying. It varies hugely. Some people do if easily, some people never do. There are many things that can hold you back from doing a physical shift. One such thing is that you have an animal in mind that you would like to be, and cling to that instead of accepting your spirit animal. This is mainly a thing that happens to people that arent true shifters, but just have strong animal medicine and are working toward becoming a shifter. It can happen to people that already are shifters though. You have to make peace with your inner animal before you can even hope to begin the process of becoming a physical shifter. All animals are sacred and all have good things about them.

Hi I have a question and need to be answered in less then three weeks plz.
My queation is when you phisacaly shift what will happen to your braces and I need 100% correct answer please help me I need an answer

I honestly am not sure. Most people remove clothing and jewelry before shifting because it can be dangerous. I myself have never physically shifted but I imagine having braces and doing so wouldn't be a good idea.

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That's very interesting, nevermindyou. I'll try that.

I hope you don't mind if I ask you questions though.

Trust me, a lot of people feel the same way including myself. There are people who claim they can give advice on physical and mental shapeshifting if that is what you are looking for. However, IF you want to get into that field I strongly suggest that you read up on similar information. If you find out about spirit animals, meditation and just shapeshifting terms in general then you will be able to communicate what you want more specifically or you can just find yourself. The best thing I ever did was read Shapeshifting: Techniques for Global and Personal Transformation. It was an intro to things that I just mentioned and how they can effect you and much more. And I am NOT trying to be critical its just that once I was really ignorant about this stuff to. But I feel the same way now so I know how you feel. Oh and another thing, this site has always been really empty and so if you request help expect to wait awhile. I have pretty much commented and messaged people that claim they can help and waited for a week or weeks with no response. But if this is what you do want then I will keep you posted if I find anything that may help you and hopefully you can do the same. It is hard living this way with little to no way to free or control the inner animal. Well, actually I can control it even if I have a powerful mental or phantom or near physical shift. I mean sometimes I feel so much like a wolf it is unbearable. But I still love wolves all the same and hope to find my own answers. :) Good Luck!

Thanks for your help I appreciate that. I have wolf traits, I just want to be more mentally,physically & spiritually like more than I already am

I understand. I do to.

I plan to do some deep meditation for the next few days. I'll tell you if I find something that could be of use to you. I really hope to achieve my goals, I really want to end up successful soon. But keep in mind I am have not been very successful at meditation...

Meditation hurts my head :(

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