I'm A Shifter......or Am I?

I have sharp powerful teeth.My eyes change from blue to blue green to almost full gray.I feel like I don't belong anywhere with humans.I love meat and I have dreams of being a snow white wolf running in the forest with my pack behind me.Or in dreams I'm in a forest and there is a white wolf staring at me then it shifts into me!I just want to be a shifter at whatever cost.I want to feel the warmth of fur around me when I run.I want to lead my pack on hunting trips,or a fight (I do believe i am an alpha)but I haven't shifted and I want to.I'm a shifter.....or am I.Can anyone answer my question?
wannabeshifter wannabeshifter
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yes your physical apperance dont change what happens is your spirit leaves your body and travels to that animal you maybe could feel that but concentarte is in a calm quiet area that you like hope this helps

Umm so my eyes also change between those colors. I am almost certain i shift into a wolf(i don't like absolute statements) and i have a hunch maybe even a fox as well. I just wanted to note i have never met or heard of someone who eyes changes from THOSE colors like me before. One of my well to put plainly psycic/soulreader friends say she thinks i'm a white wolf but i myself have an affinity with gray wolves. But those dreams convinces me that you have a good chance of being a shifter. Good luck!

my eyes do the same i have the same dreams day and night eyes open or not

you have a demon spirit in you which needs to be cast out, if you were ment to be a wolf god would have made u that way.<br />
It may be useful to get into a good church and ask some 1 to pray for u.

Hey! I'm exactly the same! Exept, I'm more of a weasel, bird, mink, otter, or wolf.


Yes. you could very well be. I think you might be something called a Theorian (or something?) Which basically means you have a wolf spirit. You could very well shift if you practiced.

And you say that why?Tell me why you say no,I would like to know!