...i See You Shift...

...for many years i have watched most people shift in front of my eyes. i can see many layers or dimensions of their spirits journey. i can see their animal. alien. fay~like self...past lives...as younger and older and even hear the stories if i focus...this is referred to as a 'scrying' technique long used by witches,wizards,medicine men and your average mushroom tripper...lol...it definitely proves looks can be deceiving sometimes i feel i am being invasive when i scry into someone...so i prefer to ask for permission first...
36-40, F
2 Responses May 12, 2012

It is respectful that you ask first but I can scene you can not help but see what I call the "Aura" which are different colors as they imitate in many layers around a person. They do tell a story about the spirit you are talking too. As with all gifts they are a blessing and at times hard to live with.

me too! im not as alone as i thought! i can do that! wow! someone llike me!