I am a descendant from the Cherokee Tribe, and for those who know that you may p-shift. You must be careful, which who from my tribe has stayed hidden for years. No man nor women will be able to tell. Our Tribe has suffered through enough over the years. (if you are apart of our tribe you will know what I am talking about.) Please be careful, for the worse is coming and we need to prepare!!!!!
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I am part Cherokee. Can you please give me some advice on how to shift? I have tried many ways and none seem to work. Though I have shifted twice, one in full form and one in only parts of my body,
And I don't know how I did it. When I changed into full form, I was half asleep and I knew so because I was dreaming, though I felt like I was shifting and I woke up with scratches on my bed and pieces of fur around. Can you please private message me, help me please?

I am part Cherokee as well I have felt a huge shift in the world recently. It o's time for our tribe to come together as on again. My pack My family and I have all been prepairing.

I'm part Cherokee...not a large percentage but I'm very connected with it. Any advice on P-shifting? I can do astral and mental shifts no problem but something seems to be blocking any hope of a P-shift. :(

Hi, I am a quarter Cherokee. I have been having very strong and powerful emotions that cause me to mentally shift into my wolf. My family says that when I do this the gold flakes In my eyes flare up and my face begins to twitch. How do I harness my wolfs power and physically shift?

can you send me some more info on P-shifting? I too are part Cherokee and my brother and I both have an inner animal that we can control. Though Mine is more of a M-shift right now though I can feel her come to the surface many times.

I just figured out how to begin p-shifting... happened during an experience with a friend and our plant teacher. But I would love advice on how to keep this gift respected, sacred, and for good use, as well as opinions on how to further develop it. Are you willing?

To keep this gift respected, sacred, and so forth. Just respect your inner animal really, and be wise on who u tell about it. It might seem hard to keep it under control. You never know when it might want to come out. And further developing it. Sweet heart it's already there. You can't further develop a spirit that already resides in you. It will come out when it's ready!

I agree with Nevada2120 on everything she's said. But I'd like to ask you, how did you figure out p-shifting? I'm dying to figure it out myself... If you'd prefer to inbox me, that's fine too. It would mean a lot to me!

who ever stands behind me please say.

can you p-shift? .. if so..you are more than welcome..if you can't just yet.. Then find a way to connect with you inner animal. And yes our tribe has handled enough! We need inner spirits to connect with us once more to protect our tribe, and re-gain it's strength!