I'm A Shape-shifter But Mainly A Wolf

I need help I'm new to the site and don't even know where to start. I've recently discovered what I am by speaking to a shaman that could see it in me. Ive shifted once when I was younger probably about 13 or 14 but it was while I was sleeping and havnt been able to do it since. I feel alone and don't have a mentor or friend who can help me deal with my struggles. I know physical and mental shifting is possible but I don't know how to control it and would like someone who is willing to help me through it. Anyone please?
MestupMikey MestupMikey
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Can anyone tell me where shamans normally live, on the west coast of the USA specifically if possible. I also want to know if there are any helpful ways to shift. I awoke my wolf spirit and I have shifted only parts of my wolf once, but I haven't been able to since. Help?

yeah, i can help you

Do you know any shamans here? Im in desperate need for help. I wont be excepted back into my pack until i finally know who i am. I know for a fact i am a wolf but for some reason ive been having visions were MY wolf has dramatically change appearance and my alpha thinks im role playing. I dont know what to do...

you might be a dragon cariowolf. pm me what you look like and i may be able to help

il be you frind and help you i hav lernd to com trol it

I have shifted nearly almost the same age when you did except I was about 12! My first shift was in a dream as well, but when I woke up I had seen almost all of my things in my room rearranged. I thought I had might of been sleep walking, but ever since my grandmother has told me stories about our tribe, it all makes sense now! So maybe your inner spirit has finally awaken!

Dear Messed Up Mikey, I would like to ask, if I may; What colour wolf? Do you recognise the names 'Tom Smith', 'Maria Smith', 'Tarley Black', or 'Wander The Night'? If so, tell me why, and I will try to help.

I am black white and gray with yellow eyes i do not recognize the names but any help would be greatly appreciated.