I Am Am A Therian

In my Tweens, my parents tried to get me into a social life. They failed. In august 2012, I found the therian community. They welcomed me, but I am still not sure of my theriotype. And I will try to p-shift, but I don't know...
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P-shift as in physical shifting? It's physically and biologically impossible.

There are theories as to how it could be possible but so far nothing substaintial has been brought up. Phantom limbs, Mental, astral and/or dream shifts are the best you're going to get if you get it at all..

Here first I will provide my personal definitions, I will then provide a resource link that you may use to verify and learn for yourself..

Otherkin - 1. A general term that references any physically human individual who feels that they are in some way not entirely human. 2. An physically human individual who identifies as a non-earthly creature; Typically types include mythical entities (Dragons, Angelics/Celestials, Fae [Fairies, Elves, Dryads, etc], Demonics, etc).

Therian - A physically human indivdual who identifies in some way as a non-human, earthly animal (extinct or not).

sometimes the terms are interchanged, so long as context is there and message is understood, no one really cares which you use..


quit trolling it doesn't always meam that

So therian are a type, right? So what are the differences than a lycan or something?

"Therian" is a group that were another species in a past life, are the animal in spirit, or in any other way personally associate themselves with an animal. Another name is otherkin. Lycans are wolf therians. Just ask if you have more questions.