Come Forth..

The other night I heard a wolf in the woods near where I live. I had the erg to howl back but I couldn't because my friend's dad was outside. I had asked him "is that a wolf I just heard?" and he said "yes! There has been sightings of 2 wolves in these woods behind my house, and we don't know how they have gotten here, we have been hearing them for the past 2 moons, and we don't know why they have chosen this spot to stay.".. I looked at him all confused and then it hit me..I have been the only wolf in this area for I don't know how long, and I have wondered why my inner wolf has been wanting to come out so badly. Maybe my grandmother was right! Maybe it's time!! Maybe she was giving me a sign that others who have traveled so far, are willing to join my pack, in a battle no man would ever face. Which makes me reach out to all of whoever has the inner animal in them, to come forth and join.
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Thank you! :)