Native American Shifter Through Dna? Am I A Shifter?

I am a seventeen year old girl and Half Cherokee and half Blackfoot. My fathers side has always been a little secretive. Including my father who always went walking outside at night and when I would ask why he would tell me that he was more comfortable in the woods. Here lately I have been having strange hot flashes and will stay hungry despite how much I eat, I take shakes like I am cold even when I am not, I wake up curled up like an animal, Cats hiss and run from me when any animal from the dog family will come near me. I seem to have a heightened sense of smell than most people and my hearing is stronger, I am over protective of my friends and family and when I get angry I make strange sounds and want to fight. My eyes even will flash to a gold color if I get mad enough.

I have always felt connected to wolves and when I was very little I would have dreams of a wolf pup that tried to keep up with her father who was far stronger than any in the pack. These dreams where always in black and white and I mostly saw life through this pups eyes. Is it possible that the family secret my brother told me about is about us being shifters? I asked him but it was near our families and he told me to wait until he came back over so we could get by ourselves?
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Huh! I'm Blackfoot too. We used to scalp people. ^.^

We seem to have some DNA in common...I'm part Blackfoot and Cherokee as well. My wolf guardian was old and moved on from me when I was really young though... Anyways I agree with the other comments, you're most likely a wolf shifter. :)

Welcome relative :) even though u might be long distant

Thank you. it is possible but I do have some white in me as well as irish from my grandfather's from both sides of my family.

I'm with you sister!