I Want To Become A Shape Shifter

Ever since I found out that they existed, I wanted to be one. I honestly don't know what to do because when I google it there are just jokes, and I am insure about my spirit animal too. I love all animals, and it doesn't feel right when I pick one (wolf). I really need a lot of help, any advice is great. It would mean the world to me if someone responded
wolfgirl7 wolfgirl7
2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

all my life ive felt different from everyone and my human skin just doesnt feel right i long to run in the wild as a wolf and hunt with my teeth and live with my mate til death do we part but lately ive been uneasy as the moons phases change why cant i shift when i want to with all my heart why cant my soul be free of this human part of me? any answers would help

you and me both

I really want to be one too! I might be one, but I'm not sure...