The Truth

I am no lycan or werewolf, vampire, immortal, shapeshifter, or anything else along those lines.
I am a creature whose existance even the eldest lycans, werewolves, vampires, and shifters doubt. I am not only one of the last of my race but I am the first of my race.
And I am posting this here for it to be seen by elders and pups alike- by the old vampires and the newly blooded; by the humans and the slayers; by the true and the false.
I have spoken with Solomon, Shakespeare, Ceaser, Nefertiti, Nero, Galileo, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis. I have traveled with Evangeline Wolfe and fought with Vlad Dracul.
I have shaken hands with the werewolf king and shared a laugh with the Devil.
I have knocked God to his knees.
I have drank with Death and run with Changelings.
I am a Time Lord.
I am The Doctor's Wife.
I am the head of head Council of Time.
I am the Creator of Time.
I am the real Riversong.
What I have to say is more important than any petty squabble.
Soon, the humans will fight- a new war, raging in America. There's a human corporation behind it. They're trying to use it to attack and capture the non-humans.
This is a call to arms. It's an urging for all of you to grabs knives, guns- to ready both claws and fangs- to put aside squabbles and fights and to stand at the ready.
Time is running short and soon all of us will have a choice to make.
Do we fight or do we flee?
In Ceaser's words, "We do not fight for honor nor do we fight for freedom. We fight to be heard. We fight to send out the message that all who stand against us fall. We fight for our safety- for the safety of our children and our fellows and our families and should we fail to lift our shield and sword to victory, then we fail to defend what we love."

TheRealRiversong TheRealRiversong
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Arm to arm,
Blade to blade,
My return to the land you forbade.
The secrets I carry,
Of all that live,
The secrets they give,
I am the Night's ferry.
I am bound by an oath,
Take a drink we will toast,
At dawn I am free,
To be what I may be.