Does anybody out there use crystals for shifting? Just wondering! What kind do you use?

Thank you!
crystalmovingstars ^^
crystalmovingstars crystalmovingstars
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pm me i cant message u :( we havent spoke in a while

Hello adynji?

yes its me

Why would someone use crystals for shifting

Well, I use crystals because they led me to my wolf. They strengthen my connection with the animals that I mainly shift into (wolf, horse etc. ) and help me establish a new connection to other, less familiar, animals.

How did you get the crystals? I am still looking for my wolf.

I bought then at a new age shop.


Where can I find them at?

Do a google search for new age shops near you.

What kind of crystals?

Pick which ever one you feel most drawn to. My main one is Amethyst.

Thanks :)

No problems ^^


Don't preach to someine who has practiced magick longer than you have been alive.

I don't care if a child respects me. You made a false assumption boy.

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