Trying to Become

my whole life i have been trying to physically shapeshift. it comes to the point that on the full moon my muscles sometimes shift(kinda painful) so i hope im getting somewhere. also when i get mad, like FUMING mad, my pupils turn into slits. anyone have any advice to help me get farther along?

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Someone come help me I wanna be a wolf but how

i was born a full blood all you people on here thinking you are real shape shifters no you all arnt i can sence it all bros you all have wishes trust me its not something you want to get your self into coming from an omega myself so if you truly want to become on i can talk to my alfa

Ok if u are a shapeshifter talk to your Alfa because I want to see his red eyes and I've wanted to be a werewolf but never believed so if I can see his eyes I'll believe

I would love to be one so email me at nerdmaster7342 at

Just truly believe bro and trust me it isnt something fun.... depending, what you must realise is if you can shapeshift into one thing you can shapeshift into anything, now with me the first time i done it i got somewhat forced to do it, and because of my beliefe i became something you could call lucifer, who isnt a true being as the bible was created for balancing purposes but i still became him because of my belife of that i was him, now i can tell you a very simple way to hurry your shapeshifting experience up but what you will see may frighten or enlighten you dependable on the being you have been in this life your soul will reflect it, now the first thing you do is get a large or small mirror big enough to show your face and your upper body, shoulders, arms and surrounding area behind you, next i want you to stare into the mirror at your third eye, now your eyes will hurt you may lose concentration but one thing only blink quickly and pay full attention to your third eye DONT LOSE CONCENTRATION, as you stare at it and your eyes truly strain you will see your face start to glow or look like its melting, now once you hit this (i got to this point in three minutes due to previous aura reading) you continue to concentrate, what you will see is your power side, or it may be you angelic side whatever you see you must realize it is you and no matter what you are perfect and you must accept it, as you do this for 3 days only keep it at half an hour sessions of just practicing this, now if you see evil change your subconscious belief system of yourself as you are born in light as the bible may be false but there is a source who we call god, now through this it is a power that you must cherish and use wisely but be warned if you are looking into these things you are probably being watched by reptilians like me or the cia or both as you are 1 3rd of the populace like me, now if you have lucid dreams know they are only simulations to test you in different environments and how you cope in different situations spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, now if you do this and wish to know how to full body shift and it is different please lmk.... we are legion!!

also if your finding it hard to see your aura practise this technique but only staring at the area sorrounding your head you will see what we call a halo

Im trying to learn how to shape shift will you be able to help me?

Wat is the third eye and how do u see it

Is it possible to shapeshift into made up creatures like pokemon?

you are capable of shapeshifting into anything, the main reason why people chose animals is because 1: its what media has presented through television, 2: they most likely love the certain animal and feel connected to it or 3: that is the only thing there mind can comprehend and feel safest with, now you can literally become anything even Pikachu, but in the same this isn't a game and you can get yourself killed or worse via other beings/government and they don't mind making you a targeted individual/torture you to keep your mouth shut.

No u can only shapeshifte into and animal

How have you been able to almost shift into a wolf? I've been trying but nothing has worked. I have urges to howl at the full moon. When I get irritated I bare my teeth and growl. Please tell me how you do it.

you are over trying, you have obviously mastered within an aspect the mind set of a wolf and the somewhat feeling of the wolf what you must next do is feel and believe the physical change you must feel it come within and pulsate all around you, and what most people must bloody realise they are playing with dark matter and if your a young warrior you will see it as evil, but what you must realise you are the one in control and you are the one who can control the matter don't let the erge for power consume you for it will and I really mean this it will destroy you, you must take it like a wave and actually feel your change happen and feel the matter change within and outside of you, you must already know that you are infinite for infinite is capable of anything and in which we are all infinite so we are all capable of all. And I suggest not looking into demons etc. only for astral projection should it be needed to look into such happenings or if your performing healings, within shifting you must already know you have been great evil and great good within the past, present and future so you have been all of these so called good and evil, who knows you could've been a destroyer. and you can literally become anything but you must know you are already all

I can change my eyecolor

Can you please tell me how you do that?

Someone please help me

I can completely m-shift, but I'm having trouble p-shifting, any advice?

you must feel the projected image around you become one with you, and you must feel all the physical attributes to that beings make up including its mind, you are a creator of great things don't make them evil just because that's the way the systematic society works, and use your will that is the main factor to shifting is will and belief

its called Magyk and yes it is real... i managed to get my teeth to elongate... sooooo im guessing its real


magic is just an empowerment term, it is whatever you want it to be there is no such thing as magic........

Hey! I wanna be ur apprentice

If you are seeking to be my apprentice I am happy to help, but within the same nothing is free and my training isn't easy,

Where u born one or did u do something If so can u tell me

ok how do I explain this...... Ok as immortal souls we have been reincarnated many past lives and future ones as there is no such thing as time..... so within being reincarnated we have been stronger and weaker beings, we have been able to shape shift with most like us within a past life, we could've been a world destroyer, or we could've been many more things the possibilities are endless, now what you must realise with immortal beings and being from the source we are capable of anything, but since the system has been implemented into society we have been blocked off from the truth and ourselves, which isn't a bad thing it just makes us feel better of the gain we get from what we can do, now with saying this absolutely anyone is capable of anything, yep you heard me anyone, the factors of people saying there a star child or a demi god have been played from the reptilians and to hinder the true knowledge a person can gain, for sure they do it to empower the person and even will implant lucid dreams but the truth of the reality they know you are infinitely powerful, and yes they do know your soul is immortal, and yes they do know for a fact people like us can **** there little system up so they hide the truth from the net and books, music etc. so when you go to experience project or behind the news those websites are to gather your information but if you were to post a true picture of a draconian reptilian or why people are truly getting gang stalked, or how the world works and put a system diagram up they wont let you, you might get something up for ten minutes but then it will be taken down and the only way they wont take the truth down is if its not the truth, don't believe in the demons ok, because the bible was made for balance and reptilians shape shift to present themselves as demons so people look into demons and get stuck back on a systematic path, now small truths like this can be shared but the truth of ourselves can not be to a certain extent, you are immortal and you are capable of anything and you don't need to be born with anything as blood lines don't mean **** to your spiritual power.

Please shapeshift into gold bullion, I am gonna sell you.

People I am everything. there are only a few who can hold all the universal energy and be able to shapeshift. I will take some apprentices, but with a price you must be willing to pay. It doesn't always work, and many people have gone insane. My name is Juniper Allegra. Please do not judge my name, because if you decide to become my apprentice, you must choose a name. Beware; you may see more than you wish!

Also, don't believe anything else you see on the internet that you are reading. It is all lies. Those blackouts, amber eyes, slits- All just "looking glasses"

everything on the internet/ web and media is lies, but the reptilians do have slitted eyes and the only reason they present them as black is to not scare you, be careful little lady these beings aren't your friends but they are equal and yes they will lie to you for there own sakes... and also if you haven't evolved substantially within these last two years take this down because you'll do more harm then good and stop saying people have to be born with **** that is crock and you know it

Juniper, I would love to apprentice under you, I have for quite a while been interested in things outside the "spectrum of common knowledge" I already seem to have a interesting bond with animals, I can communicate my exact wishes and feelings to them when I can make contact with their skin. Please message me soon.

Juniper i would like too be an apprentice to because i know nothing of shape-shifting and i always wanted to shapeshift please message me too

I have, for as far back as i know, been interested in magic. And not fake rubbish. But the real live magic that is there for us to give and take. I would very much appreciate it if you let me be one of your apprentices. Just so you may get to know me better, I believe myself to be what is called an "indigo child" , you may want to look that up but it basically means that i am conscious of more than most around me. Also, I am very fond of foxes and the mythical creature called the Kitsune. In fact, I was looking up a way to become a fox when i found you! So please reply, I promise you, think i am ready but am open to new ideas and learning is amazing especially if you were to teach me things about energy and perhaps dimensions or astral travel if that's what some of the things you do. Anyway, thank you for reading this and i hope to get a reply back, good bye!

Juniper, I feel i am ready to take upon an apprenticeship with you. Your message seemed to speak to me more than others. I have always had a connection with animals since like i was about 10/11 years old. I am currently 16 years old and I feel its time i did something with my love for magic and shape shifting curiosities. I have been a therian for about 2 years and i believe my spirit animal is a wolf. Please message me asap because i'd love to know more about what the apprenticeship involves! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

May I be your apperntice?

Please teach me. I know I've got it in me. I've always felt more animal then anything else. I enjoy long runs in the middle of nowhere and being alone. Help me reach my potential please.

i want to be your apprentice please

Juniper. I would like to be your apprentice. I already have my name as I have for a long time. Fido4Pawz. I will have no problem paying as long as I know you actually can teach me

more details please

I will be your apprentice, I've al wanted to be able to shapeshift, please I'll do anything

I want to be an apprentice too so what can I do? I know how to cast spells but I'm not very good at it. Can you help me?

I would be honoured to become your apprentice, but only if this is real. Please message me with the details.

I'd love to become your apprentice

Can I be your apprentice

hi Hun, I am Daniel and I am as you say universal, but I don't like these factors that you post, 1: anyone is capable of shapeshifting and if they don't like what they see you are not training them right, 2: if it isn't guaranteed success then you are not truly capable of such feats at this present time, of self sure but for others noooo, the factors of insanity is most likely the base factor of you teaching them to shift into there easiest form in which is the dark side of self, this is not what a true teacher does, and the beware factor is cute as it subliminally implies they will see only the evil or other dimensional beings in which are evil, the truth of the reality yes they will see things that somewhat stir there mind but you should also allow the truth that they are stronger and have been more horrible beings then them, now I haven't had to many problems with the greys or the full blood draconians but I do have a problem with them teaching un prepared people as they tend to teach others bad ways and ask for to much, now I would really suggest you take this down unless you have truly evolved within the last 2 years in which I think you have quite abit, so congratulations but have you learnt the truth yet that's the big question, and have you learnt not to be of the dark but of the light even when times are tough??

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sometimes my eyes turn full amber and time slows down and for a short time i feel no pain and then i sometimes blackout. Can anybody tell me what this means plz.

I really wanna morph into a black cat or a tiger. im 11 and will do anything for it to work.

Most of the time, i hiss when i get mad. Also, my friend hugged me and i tried to bite her neck. She said i looked almost inhuman. Does this mean anything? plz help!

No offense, FantasyFreak67, but u may be closer to a Vampire than a wolf

I saw a square piece of paper that had been left on the floor by someone.I bent down picked up the square piece of paper,walked to the bin and put it inside the bin.Does this also mean im a shapeshifter?

how did you learn to do that?

Are you a cat?

all of you people trying to do magic and shape shift prolly doing it for the wrong reasons and thats when it comes back and enslaves you... love yourself seek wisdom and understanding... do not go damning yourselves for eternity

That happens to me but my eyes turn red instead of into slits

how did you turn into a shapeshifter?

my eyes turn Amber and time slows down and for a short time i feel no pain.

I do to

beautyfullbeast, are you sure? U may be a Vampireā€¦

i can elongate my teeth on a full moon. im scared. can someone pls explain? people call me a demon and i might be because i stuck my hand in a fire and nothing happened to my hand AT ALL! p.s. i dont know if this helps but my Aura is a black... kinda like nighttime black but darker

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I know I am young but I have been looking to talk with these shape shifting ppl ever since I was small I have actually seen a native tribe run off with all of there clothes ripping off and they were turning into a non human figure they actually looked like werewolves and I have became interested in these ppl I would like to know more someone plzz! Respond

I'm responding, I inly know how to m-shift (mental shapeshifting) it's rea easy, just act like the animal you want to become. To p-shift (physical shapeshifting) all you have to do is imagine your that animal, close your eyes and imagine. Open your eyes but keep the image in your mind. When someone comes into your room, pretend their the animal. Do this on a full moon. Warning: it will hurt for the first time, a lot

I've had this experiance a couple times too.I'm researching for all the information I can. You know how your muscles hurt that means that your body muscles are stretching for when you shift-shape and your eyes are probley splitting because you think about wolves even when you don't think about a wolve it still is in the side effict

You can use magic.

Shapeshifters are people that can turn into any form of life (Example: bear, ant...) at anytime they want. If your muscles hurt at a full moon and your eyes turn into slits it is just a stage of puberty. Becoming a shapeshifter is impossible and you can only be born that way, though only 99.99 can. Most of them try to hide it so no experiments are done. Commonly, you hear people saying that shapeshifters are just mythological creatures with a mutated cell or DNA. Trust me when I say it, there is no way to become a shapeshifter. Sometimes humans believe that they can be shapeshifters therefore making their creativity take over their mind, which can cause weird dreams, hearing voices, pain in the muscles, etc plus it can cause the human mind to have a change if events in the mind. In no way I am trying to be mean, moreover with respect I tell my thoughts.

true unless you splie DNA.

true unless you splice Dna.

obviously you are systematic please do not post negative comments on which you do not truly know cheers

just a question how old are you and how are you doing this lol and what have you been doing to shapeshift i know this sounds weird to ask but how
please i wants to know xD

And also my dreams are mostly about animals such as wolves foxes and panthers as if living threw there eyes does this mean anything

That's actually a great start for everything and yew can start focusing in relaxing and study the animal yew want to be in yours dreams like...dream yourself changing shapes shifting that is stage 2

I dnt even fit in anymore and I dnt know if I'm a were or a shifter how do I find out Wat's the difference.

How old are you? Sounds weird, but I'm only asking cuz most supernatural things become noticeble when you hit puberty, I think it CAN happen later, but, Idk

Some one text me at 2516-54-4383

I have been working on figuring out who is a werewolf at my school and I think I found out wat it is or who he is my best friend and I really like him what should I do keep it a secret that I know?

dont tell anyone! they will take him, hunt him, KILL him, werewolves (were's) are not wanted and people know about us


Try to get him to give clues in questions

Yah I have nightmares of places I go to later so I guess I can see the future plus I get really angry and get into fights my middle finger is long and I am ansy too much wat do I do???

try this spell :
by the light of the moon our piercing howls, we are further transformed into cunning
beasts, by the circle of life to the evolution of man i will become one within the land.

Try doing this on a full moon

is this how you change into a shape shifter?

@Elnxida i have some questions

- can someone explain to me arcane energies?

- Could I find a master to teach me more?

- I want to change into a wolf or something to protect me from the peple who try to hurt me but I cant relax im so stressed!!

- whats is the fastest way to learn?

its not easy, and there is no fast way, no shortcuts, nothing, but I'm a shapeshifter, I can turn into a wolf. But its not easy because sometimes there's NO control, and you forget how you are. You need to know this

You know how to shapeshift? I want to do it and have been trying so hard to find a way to shapeshift but everyone tells me there's no way! Please tell me how you did it! I know there's no easy way but I still need someone who's done it before to help me... Please?

You forget who you are and if hurt how you are you just need to learn to control yourself

I want to learn how to shapeshift so badly, do you have any tips?

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<p>i want to learn to shape shift as well if there is anyone out there who can teach me the arts of shape shifting black magic witch craft anything ill be eteranly greatful ill do anything money anything to learn these ways please get back to me at 419 789 2169 thank you</p>

Well... I had my goal for 4 years learning to shapeshift. But im still struggleing trying to research it. Although, theres many ways how to shapeshift. Its all I gota say ._. Yep

Do u know how long untill it takes affect

I'm 12 and I always wanted to be a owl any pointers

i was feeding my soul i got relly weak quick

I don't know how dead this article is, but I would like to offer a method to access your arcane energies, focus them, and achieve a goal (Such as shape shifting.). I must speak a word of caution: Magic is a very real, very dangerous force. It is not to be taken lightly in any respect. Also, you should limit all arcane happenings to your person. Do not perform any practices I detail on anyone other than you. If the target person is neither willing nor in tune with you, anything can happen, from absolutely nothing, to a mass holocaust. Proceed with caution.<br />
<br />
Now, the first step to controlling arcane energies is to become one with yourself. This may seem to be a strange statement, but bear with me. Many methods can allow you to achieve this state of one-ness, but I will outline one. Before proceeding, please take care of any personal needs, to prevent disturbances. Now, relax. Focus on each muscle in your body and relax it in turn. "Pins and Needles" don't mean you're relaxed, so take a break a get your blood flowing (rubbing the PaN affected area). When you have successfully relaxed every muscle in your body at the same time, try feeling how each muscle moves and tenses. This experience will help later in life, so don't readily cast it away<br />
<br />
When you know how each muscle moves, and you can relax your body on command, you have started to become one with your body. To achieve the state we are aiming for, you don't need to know your body's limits (as finding them is a long, challenging, and sometimes painful task.), but it can help with your future endeavors in the arcane arts.<br />
<br />
Next is becoming one with the soul. The soul is known to be everlasting and intangible. Many people don't believe in the existence of the soul, and limit themselves to endeavors of the body and mind.<br />
<br />
A word before we continue: Do not consult any deities, astrological bodies, or sanctified peoples about the workings of the soul. The only being that can cleanse it is itself, and to effect, whoever bears it. John Doe can only purify his own soul, and no belief in a higher power can do it for you. Now, I am not telling you to discard your religion. I am simply advising you to ignore it when it comes to your soul.<br />
<br />
Becoming one with your soul is a very swift process, as you are, is a very straightforward sense, the embodiment of your soul. What you must do is envision a door, any door. Gather up your memories, emotions, and beliefs and open the door. Beyond this door will be some form of room. This room can have anything in it, even more doors leading into, but not out of, it. Store everything you have that makes you you in this room. Lock the door with an emblem. Remember it well, even draw it if you must, for if you have done this right, that emblem will always restore you to who you truly are. Once you have memorized this emblem, unlock the door, and release everything inside. Let it fill you up, because it is what makes you who you are, even the bad experiences. Heartbreaks, injuries, even death will add to who you become. I digress.<br />
<br />
You are ready to proceed onto the next step: becoming one with your mind. I regret to inform you, however, that I cannot instruct you in the ways of doing this, as everyone thinks differently. You are probably thinking "Sure, this guy has been leading me on, just to let me down like this. There's always something.". This is not the case. Everything I have told you is true, and so will everything to come. You must become aware of your mannerisms, ways of speach, and habits (even the ones you wish to remain a secret.). You must find out exactly mow much you know, and what it consists of. You must be able to predict what you will do, even before you do it. The mind is what joins everything together. Once you hone your mind, your body and soul will follow. You might find experiences to be more fulfilling, emotions to be stronger, or reaction times to be faster. When you have achieved this, you may proceed. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it at first. It took me 15 years of self-reflection, relaxation, and education to come close to a perfect unity with myself. This was also without step-by-step instruction. My teacher, a very wise man, had me find the methods myself, only telling me when I was wrong. Again, I digress.<br />
<br />
This next section will teach you how to recognize the flow of magic within everything. Psychics call it an aura, but when you see a current of magic surround a boulder, you'll know it's something much more complex than that. If you relax while surrounded by nature and open your mind to your environs, you will notice an invisible river of energy. Chances are it moves slowly, and you are enveloped by it. If you imagine the landscape around you, and then visualize this flow, you will find disturbances. Usually, magic avoids anything not found in nature (such as buildings. Caves and cliffside homes don't usually effect the natural flow of magic.). There are instances, however when magic avoids natural things. The small things are correctable, such as removing a slate stone found in the middle of a limestone flat.<br />
<br />
You know, no matter how hard I try to explain this, I feel I cannot teach anything without examples, and I cannot accurately explain this section. It isn't easy to characterize magic; magic simply is. It moves and flows in patterns just like the wind, but unnoticed by the lay people that wander the streets of some large city. Let me just put it this way: once you see the flow of magic, you'll know. (I know a piece of literature came close to what I'm trying to explain: The Amber Spyglass.)<br />
<br />
I suppose that concludes this section. The next, and final, section will be about how to manipulate the arcane energies around you. You shouldn't continue unless you have completed all of the previous sections and are prepared to deal with any results of the use of magic. A final note: Magic will cost physical energy to use, so don't be surprised if you feel tired from an interaction with these energies. (I avoid using the words "Spell", "Incantation", and "Ritual", amongst others, because none of these truly portray what happens. You don't say Leonardo DaVinci cast a spell and made a work of art. Using magic is an art. Also, many people spell magic "Magik", "Magica", "Majick", and many other ways. All are correct, just from different dialects. I use the spelling "Magic", because it is short, and everyone recognizes it in some way.)<br />
<br />
This is it.<br />
<br />
Alright, firstly, you are going to have to find a place where there is a strong flow of arcane energies. Relax your body and extend your mind. Latch onto both the flow of magic, and your body, as you do not want to be dragged away, never to return. Focus on what you want to happen, and start feeding magic into your soul. When you have a large "lump", use it as a tool to begin shaping your soul to be different. With enough magic, it is said you can change your physical appearance, although I have not tried myself. I limit my changes to my personality, using the magic as an eraser to remove faults and bad habits, or as a pen to add new traits, such as self-confidence. I know physical change is possible, as my teacher became a six-foot tall raccoon (imagine my surprise.). I simply do not know what it takes to trigger such a change. Do not fault me for that. I am still learning, and will be for the foreseeable decade or two.<br />
<br />
I suppose I should thank you for reading this whole comment. I understand it may all be quite far-fetched, but I believe me trying to teach you what I have learned is better than me telling you lies about the impossibility of your goals.<br />
<br />
And, no, I am not on hallucinogens or any other such drugs. If I were, I probably would disagree with everything I just said.

I just looked at the dates: this article is not dead. Just saying.

excuse me sir i am too looking a master to teach me the arts of witch craft black magic shape shifitng into a werewolf at will if anyone out there who has the abbilty to teach me and make me there apprentice i will be eternaly greatfull i will pay you do anything for you if you can show and teach me this power please if you got any replies please contact me 419 789 2169 thank you so much trust me ill make it worth your while

Hey, your post sounds interesting. I`m interested in Magic. If you could give me some more information it would be greatly appreciated. Message me if you mind.

Please teach me how to do this. I have always wanted to be special, and learning how to do this will finally make me special. If you can, please text me @ 1-310-666-1578

its magyk not magic magyk is real magic is stage ****

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You can't SHAPESHIFT into a werewolf, it just happens. Thats what people dont understand. Being a werewolf is a curse and is uncontrollible. You're all confusing the identity of a werewolf with a shapeshifter. The werewolves on Twilight arent REALLY werewolves because they possess features of only wolves. Which make them Yenaldlooshi (Indian Shapeshifters). As well for the fact that they can do it whether the moon is full or not.<br />
<br />
Get it right people.

can someone help me im 11 and i want to become a shape shifter in to a wolf but the nice ones like in twilight who can be a human

i am a werewolf that transforms around 10pm to 5am but i'm like on twilight but and my fur is pure white making me a rare werewolf that could control myself in form as if i was still a human


I really really really want to b a shape shifter!!! To mainly turn itno cats and birds, but just to b able to change wud be amazing!!! Please help!! Any tips or pointers i just really want to!!

wat the spell to shape shift

I want so bad to become a shapeshifter to shift into mainly snakes, birds, wolf. But mostly a snakes. Can anyone help me pleeaassee. Also. I want to become an apostlemouth ( or the ability to talk to snakes). HELP PLEASE

I would love to become a shape shifter mostly to shift into a wolf like the ones in twilight do you have any ideas to help me actullay shape shift physically plase tell me you can and i dont want anything mean

hi im not ment to post but oh well <br />
<br />
right one you are nearly there on shapeshifting as to i do it when ever i want now <br />
<br />
best time to do it at night on a full moon and focus on the animal you want to be<br />
<br />
i can turn into all big cats, wolfs and once out of luck a dragon -that was a scary shift-<br />
<br />

Ok I want to know how to shapeshifte I want to become a werewolf, the only way to do this is become a shapeshifter. I NEED THIS SO MUCH! PLEASE HELP ME

Anunnaki. Look it up. They are suppose to be the only actual shapeshifters. But they are ancient. And reptilian. They are suppose to have existed even before man.

Im not a shap shifter i think on fullmoons. I feal stange.

try focusing your shift on one part of your body like a hand or leg ant try hitting something with it. you'll definitely see some results. and anger's not gonna help. keep it sealed.

i don't really understand but i would like to know how to become a shape sifter too i think it would be really cool to become something eles besides a human

you guys need to quit what ever your on :L

Im like u to Kyrinae. Im dying to figure out a way to physically shift into a wolf but wen people say they really can shapeshift I wanna see proof. Cuz i hate how all they're doing is trying to get my hopes up

I personally think anyone who can shape shift has a gift to be two things human and animal but sometimes deep with the animal can kill people or even animals but they don't mean to simply because they don't understand there inner souls its painful I can understand many of you think its a joke but i don't i believe in vampires and werewolves they do exist.

What is the animal you click with most? Also, sometimes throughout your life your old animal may have already taught you all it can, and your animal may change (though rare). <br />
Another way to find out is to go to the place where your energy is the most calm; your paradise, or at least the closest you can come to it. Take a days worth of supplies with you, or even bring things to camp overnight if night time is when you are most comfortable. Spend the day meditating and living on as much instinct as you are comfortable with. Your animal's qualities will show through, and through deep enough meditation at the end of the day (once you are in the most matching mood possible to your animal from the days activities) you can "meet" your animal.<br />
If you decide to do this then good luck and be safe =3.

yeh i now wot u mean i get tht kind of thing when i try to shape shift into a werewolf

thx so much for the advice r u not christian becuz i am any way this may sound weird but i want 2 scare a rival of mine and want 2 live as a werewolf off and on but i want 2 be able 2 change back i can change my eye color from green to blue so yeah thx

read the comments there Glenn hun...don't get your hopes up.<br />
<br />
I'll admit something as an example to this, when I was young and saw DBZ and how one of the guys (forget names) was trying to teach the wrestlers daughter how to fly and explained it in detail I honestly tried to do it just out of curiosity. (Just as I called for Jareth to come take me away to his Goblin City! XD) But everyone knows you can't fly unless your on a plain or something...<br />
<br />
I'll always recommend meditation, just because its such a good way to learn about yourself (you don't need others telling you who you are do you?) honestly, clearing your sins and such made me cringe a little but if that's what you believe? I personally think it's good to learn how to clear your Energy through purification which can be done by some simple visualizing and a nice bath with salt or something. But it's not like confession or something.<br />
<br />
As I said in a previous post, you may learn to shift (not physically) your energy so that others may perceive you (see you) a different way but even that takes some time to learn. You're young, don't rush yourself or you won't get anywhere~since it tends to do more harm than good. I would recommend meditating though *nods*<br />
<br />
Good luck!

also try 2 become a different human and try 2 change back as a test

hey i want some advice 2 how did u achieve this and u shuld wait til a full moon and meditatae and pray 2 god 4 2 days and clear ur sins again i want 2 become a shapeshifter im 12

I actually come from a line of Witches myself and I've experienced some crazy things as well as heard many stories that I could believe. But I don't care what anyone says, you can't change physical shape. But you Can make yourself Appear as though you have by transforming your Energy. Big difference there, just thought I'd point that out...

It was a metaphor; I was saying that nowadays, there should be no hunting of poeple because of thier religion, race,etc. I was bringing up the Salem Witch Hunts to prove a point, that is all.Well, this'll be my last reply then, if you really don't want me to anymore. Bye-Bye!

Well, Dr. Phish in response to your 'Dec 15th, 2009 at 11:35AM' post, I am a witch. Not the Hollywood "bubble bubble toil and trouble" fantasy crap, but I do come from a long line of Wiccans and witches. We have a very enhanced spiritual side and know very well, not nearly everything can be explained by logic. As for Drakonis, I'm not "misguided". I am actually a very independent person and nobody has steered me wrong. Everything I know I have come to a conclusion of myself, no corruption from closed minded people. This is the last rebuttal comment I will make because arguing with you is like punching a brick wall: Frustrating and gets me no where. All I ask is please stop commenting on my story, same with you Dr. Phish.

And that pretty much proves my point..."Forget it" instead of giving an explanation for others to understand, and by leaving it with something that would still be interesting enough to make someone question it with the "no one knows my family line traits any way"<br />
<br />
That's really not fair now is it? :}-

"Shape-shifting" is not a virus; it is based on the premise that one can change AT WILL. Viruses are independant the person's concious thought process. You cannot make a virus activate or deactivate by sheer willpower, so even if a virus could change the body of one organizm into that of another species (which one cannot), it is beyond the influence of the person's will.<br />
<br />
I never said, however, nor will ever say, that shapeshifters do not exist; countless ancient stories and tales mention them. What I'm saying is that these stories are exaggerated, because it is impossible for a human to transform into another species by sheer will-power; science, cold, hard Facts, have proven this.<br />
<br />
However, it IS theoretically possible to mix human genes with animal genes, thus to create a hybrid. However, as of yet we do not know for sure which chomesomes and genes affect which attributes, so it would be dangerous. Genes do not, and cannot, identify the position of every capillary in the body or every neuron in the brain; what it Can do is tell us the underlying fractal code which creates them. We could end up with a human with the mind of a raccoon or something. So half-animal half-poeple are not out of the question.<br />
<br />
But these hybrids would not be able to go from one body to the next by willpower; they would forever be in the half-and-half body. Willpower Cannot affect the body's cells in such a way that would make them something that they are not.

Kyrinae, shapeshifting (meaning for this group as well) is not to try to get others to believe in physical shifting. If you read my post on here on "The truth about us" you'd see that the person that Made this group thanked me for getting people set straight on what the difference was.<br />
<br />
Cell mutation is a bit of a fantasy read. Something that had come up mainly for vampires in which many will fight it to be true (at times) but are proven painfully wrong through research on the matter.<br />
<br />
What you're speaking of is not a simple cell structure but more like messing with a persons DNA which would change them dramatically to most likely the point of no return. Nothing this big has been proven just like physical shapeshifting has not so I'm sorry but any one who argues that point is just ignorant.

Oh, and I have not read ridiculously into detail about it, so you will probably come up with a rebuttal, but it is possible through a virus mutating a cell making it go through a predetermined phase of transdifferentiation. But honestly, this is a group for people that do believe in and need support for shapeshifting and it is rude to try and discredit their beliefs. If you want to argue about how there is no way we can exist, then make a group called "Shapeshifting is Impossible" or something. Leave us alone.

This is not the Middle Ages. You are not a witch, and this is not the town of Salem. Poeple who would hunt down others like you're suggesting would be subjugated to the Full extent of the Law. Thusly, there are no "hunter" groups out there (besides AlKaida :)).<br />
<br />
And if there are no hunters, then there is no reason for you not to provide proof.<br />
<br />
The fact that you are ignoring the impossibilities of your words while at the same time stubbornly and novicely defending them, suggests to me that no matter how much Draconis or I disprove your claims, you will always find some excuse to shy our logic away like a bothersome fly.<br />
<br />
If you were not wanting to attract attention, then you should not have posted on this forum rediculous claims. It is as simple as that. <br />
<br />
In conclusion, you posted because a, you wanted to be the center of attention, b, you wanted to feel like you 'belong' to something, and c, for some reason or another you felt the urge to further the 'therians can P-shift' myth ( of which I've already explained was impossible).<br />
<br />
Perhaps you felt the urge to further the Myth because you are not comfortable in you human life at the moment? You were looking for an escape and found it in the arms of an ananymous Avatar and the internet. Did anything traumatic happen recently in your life?<br />
<br />
Ps.. if you truely believe that you can physically shape-shift, perhaps it would be advisable for you to seek professional psycological evaluation. Just trying to help.<br />
<br />
Dr. Brown<br />
<br />
aka<br />
<br />
Dr PhishEnstien

it's been a proven fact that this is indeed a group ment for experiences if you don't have such a experience then you have no right to come in and start trouble as for the bothersome fly part you took the words out of my mouth in my opinion. As for another proven fact the psychological evaluation thing it causes more problems then they solve waste of time and considered the scum producer of the earth.

asshat i AM a wiccan...

If you Didn't want that sort of attention, you wouldn't have mentioned anything of the sorts in the First place. Especially when seeing how firm I am personally on such matters. <br />
<br />
Honestly the way you type makes you seem Atleast a young teen, and while I hate saying that one should Watch ages on those to take seriously. In your case it seems you really don't Know what you're talking about. So please, don't expect people to take you seriously when you Say you can do something and offer no chance to prove it in any manner and then explain it's because you don't want the "attention"<br />
<br />
P.s. There are no such things as hunters, only stupid idiot youngsters that like to say they are and make threats to the therian/otherkin communities. I know this through experience haha.

lol anyone with a brain knows there are hunters it's been recorded through out the years the most common records are witch hunters that was back when magic was considered evil. How ever the less heard of but most demented type of hunters were werewolf hunters the reason why werewolf hunts were considered the most demented was because in witch hunts your given a trial but in werewolf hunts if a family was thought to be werewolves were dragged out of their homes and killed in the night. But luckly most of that stuff doesn't happen now days. Demon hunters are the most common type of hunter around now days but some of the more dedicated demon hunters hunt more then just demons.

Yeah the whole "Ignorance is bliss" thing just doesn't work in the real world *shakes head* I tried it, you always get nailed for it sooner or later. It's better to be in-check on things so that when **** Does try to hit the fan, you're not standing around like a deer in headlights going "uuuuh...pie?" XD<br />
<br />
Anyway, Dr. has a point. And as most of those know who have read my other posts you know that I happen to agree with-: <br />
"And for all those who say that you can; prove it or stop lying through your teeth, because you are getting up the hopes of poor, misguided youngin's like Kyrinae, and that is a despicable thing to do."<br />
-more than anything.

I never said that magic does not exist. What I was saying was that physically shifting in ANY way is impossible by the laws of both physics and biology, and that werewolves are pure leged and myth.<br />
<br />
You can argue if you want about my werewolf comment, or magic, etc, whatever, but as for it (p-shifting) being against physics and biology; that you cannot ignore. Erasing my words does not make them any less factual than they are.<br />
<br />
So I hope you took notes while my words were on here, for really don't want to have to write them again. It is not my fault if you are just so hardheaded and arrogant that you would simply ignore any facts that do not prove what you want them to. You can believe in what you want to believe in, I'm just saying not to get your hopes up on turning into a swan or whatever, because you'll be wasting a day-dream. <br />
<br />
And for all those who say that you can; prove it or stop lying through your teeth, because you are getting up the hopes of poor, misguided youngin's like Kyrinae, and that is a despicable thing to do.<br />
<br />
Good day.

Something that has worked really well with me my whole life is ignorance is bliss. oh well =3

There's no reason one shouldn't believe in magic. Although there is a line between being smart about picking out the truths and between believing everything you hear because you're just that clueless in what you believe yourself.<br />
<br />
Shoot, you don't even know Why you claim it to be on full moon do you? Other than the fact that's what Myths imply for "Were-wolves" to change.<br />
<br />
In most cases, such things can be explained scientifically. Although yes there are things that can't such as experiences psychics may have. BUT what you explain, you're stating things of the physical and so should be able to be explained pretty well actually. So there is no way to hide under That with this "I believe in magic"...sorry *shrugs and shakes head*

Well, I believe in magic. If you want to prove me stupid then why leave a comment in the first place? This is a group for believers. If you want to get all scientific, then make a group on it. I thank you for your interest but its misguided for this experience.

Aww you gots deleted? D= I would have liked to read that! <br />
<br />
*points to DrPhishEnstein* he's a doc you know *nods*

Guess someone didn't like what I wrote last time and deleted it , huh? Thats okay. First step to change is Denial....

I simply suggest going here:<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a><br />
<br />
So now it seems you've gotten things mixed up a bit. Are you saying you're a Therian that shifts? or one that has learned to physical shift? cause if it is the latter yeah, you need proof of some kind for anyone to believe you. Otherwise if you speak of the first mentioned, that's much more easy to believe.<br />
<br />
There's much debate on whether someone with the actual talent to physically shift would reach out to an online community of sorts. But personally, if I wanted others to understand me I'd find maybe a few trusted sources like from my therian community to reveal such a thing to. But I wouldn't be open to Everyone about it all at once, makes you seem bonkers to begin with. And I'd imagine any one with such a gift (if it were real) would be quite annoyed by the attention it would bring.

Heh, some people obviously don't read the important info listed within other posts. I'm going to start skipping my rants of Real information and start just being more blunt in asking, you say you can physically shift? Freaking prove it or your a lying idiot that is crying out for attention.<br />
<br />
So many people (and by that I usually mean young adults with wild imaginations) claim to be able to physically shift yet Any of them have yet to come up with any Real evidence *sighs and shakes head*

Hi ya there, I can't really help much because, well I'm a shape shifter. But I'm a werewolf. And No we don't shift with the moon. Weres shift whenever they want long as they have the energy. at first i just had a spirit animal then I discovered the, truth when my spirit animal spoke to me. I'm a pure white white wolf. Shifting is actually sort of painful. But you get used to it. As for advice get in close thouch with your spirit animal, deep meditation. Meditate out side. And no matter what don't give up.

no! Lycanatherops (I think thats the spelling) Are the only ones of the werewolf kind who can shapeshift @ any time.Werewolves transform every night w/o remembering it @ midnight!!!!! I qoughtta know...I am one

jthedreamer, you shouldn't be telling anyone anything. You are much too confused to go around saying things you don't even understand.

Well im have the Soul of a Wolf but the body of a human ill tell yah more later

Honestly, as a serious "animal person" and one that has experienced many crazies. It's best (for Everyone) to question anyone who claims to make Any sort of physical shift without providing proof. <br />
<br />
I'd like to think it's possible to cause an actual physical change by will. But sadly, no one is able to provide proof and so my hopes are given up alot (as someone that has researched a great deal in trying to find Some proof of this being possible because I would Love to be able to master such a feat) I even wondered about getting into the "darker" magicks at one point (not black, there is no black magick or white)<br />
<br />
If someone could provide their own proof of physical change I would Love to hear from them. Because I have felt at times where my energy overwhelmed me so horribly I thought I was going to physically transform into a dragon. But human mind was scared human mind would be ripped apart and lost. Which I think would be a normal worry for anyone attempting to follow through and succeeding on some level.<br />
<br />
Or do you guys mean energy manipulation? Because I have energy shifts all the time where I feel like I could sprout a tail or something. But as far as I've ever known, it's never turned into a physical thing for Anyone. It Is however, possible for one to "change" ones eye color. Which your eyes pretty much stay the Same but appear as something to someone else. I could see someone getting freaked out by looking at someones eyes and at a glance seeing the animal in there :}-< but again, not physical, purely energy.<br />
<br />
Do shed some light on the subject =^.^=

That is a really good question.. That might be one of the things holding me back~ On the upside I think I might have met my soulmate! He's a wolf spirit ^-^

Well yeah I have visualized. I am more in tune with a hawk. I believe it is the fear of not returning that I am afraid of. Is there any guarantee or a way to know you can come back!!!

you have tried visualising obviously? living as a wolf and sacrificing your human form? becoming more instinctual and forgoing your higher fiunctions. and you know that once your there, you may not come back.

Wow, have you actually shifted. It is something i wish to achieve, i can get there, but never in the physical.

Wait for a full moon and try gathering shifting energy but don't release it until you feel a tension like an inflating balloon and focus really hard on the shape, texture, and ethereal feel of the paw or toe. A phantom shift should occur but if you really work at it you may achieve a physical shift.

I get exactly as far as AlphaSkinWalker, and nah im a leopard shifter, tiger was just the best picture on here.

Yoou should try working on you integration and try some roaming. when your shiftinf energy is high focus one a finger or toe and really focus. It should change but there will be pain. Regular full physical shifts are rather painless but emotionally painfull...also are you a tiger shifter?