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Trying to Become

my whole life i have been trying to physically shapeshift. it comes to the point that on the full moon my muscles sometimes shift(kinda painful) so i hope im getting somewhere. also when i get mad, like FUMING mad, my pupils turn into slits. anyone have any advice to help me get farther along?

Kyrinae Kyrinae 18-21, F 92 Responses Dec 7, 2008

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I can change my eyecolor

Can you please tell me how you do that?

Someone please help me

I can completely m-shift, but I'm having trouble p-shifting, any advice?

its called Magyk and yes it is real... i managed to get my teeth to elongate... sooooo im guessing its real


Hey! I wanna be ur apprentice

Where u born one or did u do something If so can u tell me

Please shapeshift into gold bullion, I am gonna sell you.

People I am everything. there are only a few who can hold all the universal energy and be able to shapeshift. I will take some apprentices, but with a price you must be willing to pay. It doesn't always work, and many people have gone insane. My name is Juniper Allegra. Please do not judge my name, because if you decide to become my apprentice, you must choose a name. Beware; you may see more than you wish!

Also, don't believe anything else you see on the internet that you are reading. It is all lies. Those blackouts, amber eyes, slits- All just "looking glasses"

Juniper, I would love to apprentice under you, I have for quite a while been interested in things outside the "spectrum of common knowledge" I already seem to have a interesting bond with animals, I can communicate my exact wishes and feelings to them when I can make contact with their skin. Please message me soon.

Juniper i would like too be an apprentice to because i know nothing of shape-shifting and i always wanted to shapeshift please message me too

I have, for as far back as i know, been interested in magic. And not fake rubbish. But the real live magic that is there for us to give and take. I would very much appreciate it if you let me be one of your apprentices. Just so you may get to know me better, I believe myself to be what is called an "indigo child" , you may want to look that up but it basically means that i am conscious of more than most around me. Also, I am very fond of foxes and the mythical creature called the Kitsune. In fact, I was looking up a way to become a fox when i found you! So please reply, I promise you, think i am ready but am open to new ideas and learning is amazing especially if you were to teach me things about energy and perhaps dimensions or astral travel if that's what some of the things you do. Anyway, thank you for reading this and i hope to get a reply back, good bye!

Juniper, I feel i am ready to take upon an apprenticeship with you. Your message seemed to speak to me more than others. I have always had a connection with animals since like i was about 10/11 years old. I am currently 16 years old and I feel its time i did something with my love for magic and shape shifting curiosities. I have been a therian for about 2 years and i believe my spirit animal is a wolf. Please message me asap because i'd love to know more about what the apprenticeship involves! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

May I be your apperntice?

Please teach me. I know I've got it in me. I've always felt more animal then anything else. I enjoy long runs in the middle of nowhere and being alone. Help me reach my potential please.

i want to be your apprentice please

Juniper. I would like to be your apprentice. I already have my name as I have for a long time. Fido4Pawz. I will have no problem paying as long as I know you actually can teach me

more details please

I will be your apprentice, I've al wanted to be able to shapeshift, please I'll do anything

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sometimes my eyes turn full amber and time slows down and for a short time i feel no pain and then i sometimes blackout. Can anybody tell me what this means plz.

I really wanna morph into a black cat or a tiger. im 11 and will do anything for it to work.

Most of the time, i hiss when i get mad. Also, my friend hugged me and i tried to bite her neck. She said i looked almost inhuman. Does this mean anything? plz help!

No offense, FantasyFreak67, but u may be closer to a Vampire than a wolf

I saw a square piece of paper that had been left on the floor by someone.I bent down picked up the square piece of paper,walked to the bin and put it inside the bin.Does this also mean im a shapeshifter?

how did you learn to do that?

Are you a cat?

all of you people trying to do magic and shape shift prolly doing it for the wrong reasons and thats when it comes back and enslaves you... love yourself seek wisdom and understanding... do not go damning yourselves for eternity

That happens to me but my eyes turn red instead of into slits

how did you turn into a shapeshifter?

my eyes turn Amber and time slows down and for a short time i feel no pain.

I do to

beautyfullbeast, are you sure? U may be a Vampireā€¦

i can elongate my teeth on a full moon. im scared. can someone pls explain? people call me a demon and i might be because i stuck my hand in a fire and nothing happened to my hand AT ALL! p.s. i dont know if this helps but my Aura is a black... kinda like nighttime black but darker

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I know I am young but I have been looking to talk with these shape shifting ppl ever since I was small I have actually seen a native tribe run off with all of there clothes ripping off and they were turning into a non human figure they actually looked like werewolves and I have became interested in these ppl I would like to know more someone plzz! Respond

I'm responding, I inly know how to m-shift (mental shapeshifting) it's rea easy, just act like the animal you want to become. To p-shift (physical shapeshifting) all you have to do is imagine your that animal, close your eyes and imagine. Open your eyes but keep the image in your mind. When someone comes into your room, pretend their the animal. Do this on a full moon. Warning: it will hurt for the first time, a lot

I've had this experiance a couple times too.I'm researching for all the information I can. You know how your muscles hurt that means that your body muscles are stretching for when you shift-shape and your eyes are probley splitting because you think about wolves even when you don't think about a wolve it still is in the side effict

You can use magic.

Shapeshifters are people that can turn into any form of life (Example: bear, ant...) at anytime they want. If your muscles hurt at a full moon and your eyes turn into slits it is just a stage of puberty. Becoming a shapeshifter is impossible and you can only be born that way, though only 99.99 can. Most of them try to hide it so no experiments are done. Commonly, you hear people saying that shapeshifters are just mythological creatures with a mutated cell or DNA. Trust me when I say it, there is no way to become a shapeshifter. Sometimes humans believe that they can be shapeshifters therefore making their creativity take over their mind, which can cause weird dreams, hearing voices, pain in the muscles, etc plus it can cause the human mind to have a change if events in the mind. In no way I am trying to be mean, moreover with respect I tell my thoughts.

true unless you splie DNA.

true unless you splice Dna.

just a question how old are you and how are you doing this lol and what have you been doing to shapeshift i know this sounds weird to ask but how
please i wants to know xD

And also my dreams are mostly about animals such as wolves foxes and panthers as if living threw there eyes does this mean anything

That's actually a great start for everything and yew can start focusing in relaxing and study the animal yew want to be in yours dreams like...dream yourself changing shapes shifting that is stage 2

I dnt even fit in anymore and I dnt know if I'm a were or a shifter how do I find out Wat's the difference.

How old are you? Sounds weird, but I'm only asking cuz most supernatural things become noticeble when you hit puberty, I think it CAN happen later, but, Idk

Some one text me at 2516-54-4383

I have been working on figuring out who is a werewolf at my school and I think I found out wat it is or who he is my best friend and I really like him what should I do keep it a secret that I know?

dont tell anyone! they will take him, hunt him, KILL him, werewolves (were's) are not wanted and people know about us


Try to get him to give clues in questions

Yah I have nightmares of places I go to later so I guess I can see the future plus I get really angry and get into fights my middle finger is long and I am ansy too much wat do I do???

try this spell :
by the light of the moon our piercing howls, we are further transformed into cunning
beasts, by the circle of life to the evolution of man i will become one within the land.

Try doing this on a full moon

is this how you change into a shape shifter?

@Elnxida i have some questions

- can someone explain to me arcane energies?

- Could I find a master to teach me more?

- I want to change into a wolf or something to protect me from the peple who try to hurt me but I cant relax im so stressed!!

- whats is the fastest way to learn?

its not easy, and there is no fast way, no shortcuts, nothing, but I'm a shapeshifter, I can turn into a wolf. But its not easy because sometimes there's NO control, and you forget how you are. You need to know this

You know how to shapeshift? I want to do it and have been trying so hard to find a way to shapeshift but everyone tells me there's no way! Please tell me how you did it! I know there's no easy way but I still need someone who's done it before to help me... Please?

You forget who you are and if hurt how you are you just need to learn to control yourself

I want to learn how to shapeshift so badly, do you have any tips?

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<p>i want to learn to shape shift as well if there is anyone out there who can teach me the arts of shape shifting black magic witch craft anything ill be eteranly greatful ill do anything money anything to learn these ways please get back to me at 419 789 2169 thank you</p>

Well... I had my goal for 4 years learning to shapeshift. But im still struggleing trying to research it. Although, theres many ways how to shapeshift. Its all I gota say ._. Yep

Do u know how long untill it takes affect