I Am a Shape Shifter

i am a shape shifter and would like to discuss our kind with others. My shape shifting is complicated; I can change my eyes at will but sometimes I go aminal.

When I get in fights i always bite, i enjoy the taste of blood... can anyone relate?

Qwengonz Qwengonz
7 Responses Feb 8, 2009

When I go walking by myself and someone walks pass me and I think they are bad I instinctively pull my claws out ready if they attack me , it never happens but I am always prepared.

I am interested wat yew are saying I have been trying to shapeshift ever sense I saw these Indians doing it when I was 5 yrs. Old I can relate the part that yew enjoy the taste of blood I need ur help with shape shifting though

"sometimes you go animal" can you explain this?<br />
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Honestly I'm having trouble with some of the people on here. Claiming to be able to phsycally shift in some way. Sadly, like all the other times I've mentioned, I doubt anyone can provide proof of it...too bad =(<br />
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I do however get the instincts of attacking when feeling threatened by biting or clawing. I protect myself and play by nipping and clawing (surprise) and I go through bloodlust every once in a while.<br />
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And FangflashR? the way you sound, makes things sound like..Rrr..like Wicca or something. A group of people in "hiding" I do understand to some extent as to not attract "fluffy bunnies" but yes in this day and age things have changed greatly...even for Wiccans. <br />
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I'd be interested to know just Who teaches such ways You speak of and how it started *grins*

I'm a teen. Anyway, a cat shifter? just wondering is all. I'm not a big fan of blood unless it's on a steak.<br />
Qwengonz: what do you mean exactly by gone animal.

Hey...Im new and stuff..anyway im a teen. All of the time I love to fantacise about growing fangs and biting stuff. I bit another kid once when I was in a mental shift...I like blood to...I have never physically shifted but I am a cat shifter and have been repressing my talent for a couple years now but it has grown as I became a teen and I cannot ignore it anylonger. I also havve new..abilities...anyone else?????????????

hey its been a while since i was on last how hard is it 2 find a true shifter i dont think we have any were i live. i find it amazing that u can do what u can the only thing i had was excelerated growth in hight and intense strength and the ability not 2 feel pain as much and heal without scars but i cant change...

Hello....<br />
I just came by and saw you here...<br />
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Welcome and blessings unto you<br />
What you speak of is a great gift and we break with tradition speaking of it on open forum.<br />
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However<br />
<br />
This is a different world, perhaps we need to formulate new traditions.<br />
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Interesting you mention biting and fighting. You sound like an interesting person. *sweetsmile*<br />
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Respectfully yours<br />