The Truth About Us **a Must Read**

I'm honestly surprised at the amount of people on here (not just this group, but Other groups) who know little to nothing of what's going on with the group they're associated with. I suppose that's the bad thing about someone creating a group like this one that perhaps doesn't know much or does but doesn't help people out that join it. It's not even a matter of differences in beliefs, it's a matter of there IS a difference many people simply aren't getting. I don't claim to know everything, but I will say, I've been a part of a Serious therian community for up to 7 years. Talking with other adults (and younger) about very serious occurances that happen with shifting and much more. So I am going to hopefully help alot of you out there with terms and definitions in getting the information you truley might want and instead are finding a bunch of nonsense.


A Shamanic Techinique in which a person connects with an animal (with a certain intention in mind) and is able to "shift" themselves in taking on that animals characteristics. Mostly this brings on a Mental Shift for the shaman, in which they behave like the animal they are connecting to.

There are many stories and legends saying that by wearing the pelt of that creature they would be able to transform into it. What people aren't getting is that this is not a physical change. But a spiritual one. They become more animalistic and instinctual, sometimes accompanied by heightened senses but that is the extent of it. No one may argue this because there is NO PROOF of one being able to physically change Anything about themselves except by making others see something different in their eyes (which will be explained later)

Since Shapeshifting is a Learned technique, Anyone can do it. The form of shapeshifting is so that a person may take on the energies of a certain animal in order to aid them for something either magickal or in their physical lives. And IS temporary. You are Still human!


A community of people who believe they either have the soul of an animal within their human bodies (either mixed with a human soul or Just the animal one). Others believe it to be a connection they still have with a creature they were in a past life. Nothing is set in stone because it purely depends on the persons religious beliefs because therianthropy does not exclude Any belief. Therianthropy is NOT a religion in Any way. But more a spiritual path.

Not all therians, but alot experience "shifts" which I will give the names of the general shifts and what they are below.

Phantom shift: This term came from the "Phantom limb theory" in which is when a person loses a leg or an arm for whatever reason. Alot of them still say they can feel as though that limb is still there, and can move it and everything. This theory has been proven through scientific research on the brain patterns. When the researchers told these people to move this "limb" their brain reacted as though something was really moving on that part of their body. Therians experience all sorts of phantom limbs, most tend to feel tails and ears, along with muzzles and fur.

Aural (or energy) shift: This is caused by a "shifting" of ones energy. Which can also be considered in the category of Phantom shifting. Sometimes others are able to feel themselves (their own bodies) as the animal itself. People who are sensitive to energies will sometimes notice this change.

Mental Shift: A shift in which a therians mind shifts to that of the animal. In return, making them act as the animal. Most are able to realize what is happening and are able to keep it from becoming a problem. Many of us feel it is a good way to "free the animal" a while.

Cameo Shift: A shift in which a therian shifts as an animal Not of their therio-type. Me being JaguarDragonWolf, if I feel as though I am a horse. This is a cameo-shift. They are quite fun to experience and this is pretty much what Shapeshifters experience since they are shifting as a creature that are not human.

Dream Shift: When someone dreams about turning into or being the animal of their therio-type. It isn't really known that just anyone has such dreams, but I won't rule out the idea. I've dream shifted as something not as my therio-type in which I believe was symbolic. It all depends on how you interpret your dreams personally

Shifts can be caused by many things, usually we call these things "triggers" which can be either by emotion or through images ect. Usually intense emotions such as anger or excitement tend to be easier to notice.

Some common myths about Therians:

some people like to use the term Lycan, in which most serious therians try to avoid as it brings to mind the Hollywood creatures in fictional films. Because the term lycan was introduced from the ever famous "Underworld" movie. But what about the term "Lycanthropy"? Lycanthropy is actually a mental condition in which made people act as though they were "beasts" in the olden times when they ate a certain food that was bad, making them in a way hallucinate. This term is still used in psychology today because of that, in which psychiatrists use to explain those who think themselves to be animals.

Can I be changed into a therian? the answer still is and always will be NO. Why is this? because Therianthropy is either mental (as some believe) or spiritual. It does not make anything different in our blood or saliva (which has been proven by doctors many a time) so one can only be Born as a therian. Never "changed" which is the common way in Hollywoods fictional film industry.

Anyone agreeing to bite you, or offer to change you for money...joining of a community...or for sexual pleasures. IS a FAKE. There are many people that try to track innocent others to prey on their dreams and use them for their own selfish reasons. This is very sad, and honestly I think they should be shot.

Therians are and always will be Human. We know we're human, we don't always like it, but we know we can't escape the truth of the matter that we are flesh and bone like everyone else and nothing is special about us in this matter. Anyone trying to convince you otherwise has a horrible ego.

Eyes: Ok I promised this section. The common things about eyes, is that people claim their friends saw their eyes change colors for an instant or that they saw their pupils take on a more "slit" form. Which honestly, is most likely a lighting issue. What was going on when this happened?(was it a reflection?)

Some peoples eyes do change color, usually the lighter blues and greens will get specks or fade with what they're wearing or they claim they do when they're in a certain mood (but don't people usually dress as to how they're feeling?)

There is something I learned to do with my energy when studying Wicca, in which for a short time one can make their eyes Appear to be different than what they really are. But there is not physical change with this.

This is all I've got for now, but I do hope it will help others to see when they are being led to believe things only to have their dreams crushed. Because believe me, I wish it were possible to Physically shift. I do not block that option out completely. But until someone offers SOLID UNMISTAKABLE evidence. Then I fear it is simply a hoax, in which they are trying to make themselves feel special by convincing people this. (and this happens ALOT) Mostly when you ask for proof from these people, they tend to get insulted and argumenative. That's an easy red flag. Or they try to trick you into thinking they already convinced you.

I haven't heard of it much, but there are some pretty good graphical artists out there. It is possible that you could come across a smart one that tries sending you pictures of something they did with their eyes or their hands or whatever. Honestly, this is why the only way you should Really believe someone is by seeing it with your Own Eyes. Do not be misled.

Brightest Blessings to all of you, I really do hope this helps others understand what they're experiencing. It is ok Not to be a therian.


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This helps me a lot since i was little i could bark and always felt different sometimes i hear things that aren't there and see two wolves in my dreams. it's a white one that jumps and flies though the trees. The other wolf is pure black and runs along side the trees the other jumps. Sometimes they are both running with me and then they combine within me. a very different feeling but it is very comfortable too.


Wow its nice to find this and read this. I assumed some of this, based on what little knowledge I have of the shapeshifting kind...however lycanthropy was not introduced into hollywood by the underworld series... it is a good example but not the introduction. I have to wonder, can your kind dabble in the occultic arts or would that in some way affect your spiritual connections or energies? I mean through my practices I can trigger similiar effects to a shift, for a while there I kept a specific set of charms with me to induce hightened forms of this "not shift" however over time I have managed to lose these specific charms. (I am dead sure those mice stole some from me...I have been at war with those tiny freaks for a while now and don't doub they would steal just in spite of me!) So it makes me wonder if such things would have negative or empowering effects on your kind.

I was looking for a post of reptilian shape shifters,no mention of it here. Interesting though.<br />
<br />

I do believe it is very possible to physically shapeshift, our bodies are not actually physical but built of a bunch of atoms and energy, if one were to learn how to control these things they could actually physically shift. It will take quite a while for someone to accomplish this, but I have a feeling the ancients knew of this better then we do now.

I'm not saying people can't believe in something as mysterious as physical transformation. And I'm not saying that if there Are people who can do this that they must provide proof. But for one to state they can do something so openly, it is only wise to have proof. Otherwise don't mention it at all and believe/do what you will.

If I was going to lie about it, I's say I could do it whenever I want. That's just not the case. It's happened to me very few times in all of my 30 years, and I couldn't see myself from the outside. All I know is what I felt.

In the mountains of Montana, there are tribes of people unknown by modern man. That's how they want it so that is how it will be. Don't shut yourself from believing whatever you can image can be. If you are something why must you prove it?

Sometimes age Does matter because one can only learn so many things after so many years. Shapeshifting I'm sure would definitely be one of them. They may be wise in the magickal arts for their age but it can't be matched with someone that has been practicing the same things for 10 years more than them. <br />
<br />
You have to take into consideration that is one of the most highly debated things in the therian community. And that to believe someone who states such things as fact are to be questioned and most likely won't be believed unless proof is given. That is that, and should be the end. <br />
<br />
And you know, people with a fair amount of knowledge in magick and energy work can make themselves appear to change physical shape but it's not Really happening. I know someone that has scared people that way and so has stopped doing it. Might want to take that into consideration.

Your right, there is no way for a reasonable person to believe you so you should probably not mention it to others again. You didn't mention if you had seen it first hand or whether it was from something like a picture you got. Although guess it doesn't really matter. I just hope you are not being misled or even being plain fake.<br />
<br />
Truth is, I believe a loooooong time ago shape-changers were real. But they've been extinct for a loooooong time. There's no way in this day and age someone can accomplish even a partial transformation of their physical bodies with the way we have grown up in society. No one is That powerful and if one was Close, I would imagine them to be old themselves and full of wisdom not the youngin's you probably believe that can and maybe have been meddling in some low level magick. There are quite a few that like to believe they can convince others they can but as my post says they are only looking to stroke their own ego's.<br />
<br />
Agaro,<br />
Of course one can "transform" their energy on other planes into anything they want. It's the physical that's the real debate. Hell I feel my energy body walking around as the actual animal all the time along with my human physical one and when I go into a shamanic journey I am almost always dragon. It's not that rare of an experience either, many other therians can do this. But good luck to you in your lessons, hope you have a trustworthy person to help you out.

Hmm...a handful of ones that can accomplish a transformation? Have you actually seen this with your own two eyes? You should know by reading my posts as well as this one that one shouldn't make claims like this they can't prove.

Hun, the comment "your writing shows your age" comes from the fact that you either Act your age (and are young) or more immature than that. Age may be a number, but some really act it and others don't. <br />
<br />
Just to clear that up :}-

As said in my other comment on that other story. It's ridiculous to say such things and not expect to get attention that you supposedly "don't want" considering you say you can do such things and then not desire to prove it true in any way.<br />
<br />
I do understand only remembering glimpses of things when mentally shifted. As that happens to alot of us. <br />
<br />
Again your age is revealed through your typing. Which makes it harder to take you seriously. (To others that read this, I'm going by how she's been other places as well) and...please do try not to hurt your friend?<br />
<br />
*Paw face*<br />
<br />
Also, I'm not saying all young teens are ignorant or untrustworthy..I go by each individual and how they react to certain scenarios.

Heh, I have a friend that claims to have lived in an Indian reservation in Montana, wolf point sounds familiar. But she never mentioned anything about physically shifting. <br />
<br />
It doesn't matter though, if it's not proven (since it Is a tangible/physical thing others are claiming) than it's not real. That's the only way to really view such a thing, I still have the hope that it is possible, I don't want to take That away from anyone. But it's alot better angle to go from than being naive and believing what others say with no evidence (which is pretty much a red flag of it being fake)<br />
<br />
But thankyou for the comment, glad to see someone appreciates some logic rather than reading stories Just of others claiming whatever. I like trying to be truthful and provide what help I can to those who may be confused on subjects. I hate it when others are misled because of other peoples stupid egos or something ridiculous like that. Makes us serious people look foolish thus giving us a bad name. <br />
<br />
Such things as shapeshifting and therianthropy are becoming more known now than ever before. Let's not make people think they need to gather up their ancestors pitchforks and wooden torches :}-< It's good to try to keep a "good" name for all. Just be smart is all =D

I am FangFlashR and I started this group. Thank you for trying to clear up some issues for some people.<br />
HOWEVER. <br />
When you said this: "I wish it were possible to Physically shift." I realized that you have not spent time in Wolf Point Montana among the Sioux Nation.....

Thankyou MeisterWolf =^.^=

That wouldn't surprise me lol...but it's a new one to me *adds to list*

i heard of this trick with contac lenses they put it under there eye lids and then close there eyes then roll there eyes till the lenses are put into place then open there eyes and they are (look like they are) a different colour