Last year I promised my Husband if I got another pair of shoes I would get rid of an old pair. I have a shoe shelf that houses my over 300 shoes -but- there is a reason I have so many I live in an area with a very diverse climate (this is one of my many excuses) I NEED  them all sandals, rain boots, fun winter boots,dressy boots, warm winter boots, dress shoes, fun shoes, running shoes, cute shoes, Mom-ish shoes, strappy heels, classy heels, club shoes. I LOVE them all, and I also love all of my "secret" shoes that are hiding in my closet shoved in to every spare nook and cranny.  I have decided to come clean with my Husband about my 20+  secret shoes because I have run out of room for them and really can't hide them any more.

HisLady HisLady
22-25, F
Sep 21, 2009