I Need To Stop Before I Have Acess To A Credit Card!

Could be walking with a friend listening to what there saying but when i see a pair of shoes or a beautiful bag i don't know what happens it's weird... it's like i go into my own personal bubble world because i can't hear all my senses go and everything revolves around the bag or shoes then beofre you know it the shoes are on my feet or the bag is around my shoulder then my card is being swiped... i'm 5 months off 18 which means acess to a credit card i've been shopping since i could walk... my heart pounds and i get all flustered when i see something that catches my eye it's like being in love all over again but better! and it needs to stop...no one else understands but hopefully theres someone out there that will understand and help me out, so feel free to give advice.

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1 Response Jul 28, 2010

All-new Docu-Reality Series Seeking Shopaholics 
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Do you or someone you know have a shopping addiction? <br />
Has your lavish lifestyle turned into a severe obsession with shopping? <br />
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If you or someone you know is suffering from a shopping addiction that<br />
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To be considered, please send us your name, contact info, recent photo(s), occupation and detailed information on the person affected (if not you), their relation to you, you/your loved one’s accomplishments and personality before the addiction versus your/their personality and situation now, how/why/when you believe the shopping addiction started and how it is affecting your/their life. <br />
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Make sure to put “Shopping Addiction (Your Name)” in the subject line of your email and send to: CastingAriana@gmail.com