I Think I Have A Problem

Big sigh....ok my story is that I think I may be a compulsive spender/shopoholic/out of control. Like alot of people (or so i've read) I got my first card at 18. From then on I got a few more and now at 25 I have 8 credit cards all have a balance. Some are major credit cards and some are for department stores. I went straight from high school into college and have only ever worked part-time. By the time I was 23 i had about 10,000 in credit card debt and about 5,000 in a student loan. I had been married at 21 and since my husband and I have always kept are finances seperate he was not aware of this. At 22 we decided to but a house and I had to come clean about my debt he was suprised and a little mad but over the course of about a year and we payed it off. I vowed that I had learned my lesson because I thought I had. I stayed debt free for about 2 years. Then at 24 I became prengnant. I worked until 9 months but I cut back to only about one shift per week. Due to some conflict in policy I quit work. So for almost a year I have not worked but am still in school and have taken out student loans to help support myself. Early this year I started using my credit cards again and since I am not working they quickly started going up. I basically refused to adjust my lifestyle and am now feeling overwhelmed and lost. I can't really tell my husband becuase (1) I am ashamed, and (2) he vowed that after he paid my debt last time he would not do it again. I have been hinting to him a little that I might be a compulsive shopper but I feel like he is ignoring me. I know that he see's me bring home things or when I order things in the mail and they come he never asks me about them. He gives me an allowance (since I stay at home with our son and we have seperate bank accounts) but I know he can't really believe that I buy all that stuff with it. Alot of the stuff I hide but he still sees some of it. I think that my breaking point was that I have done about 7,000 in debt in less than a year which seems out of control. Recently I told myself that I would stop and since then have spent at least 500.00 more. I feel a real lack of control, shame, and anxiety. I started looking for help because I am not completely out of control but feel that I am getting there.
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I know how you feel. I know that I am a compulsive shopaholic. I only have 2 credit cards because no one else will give me one! The 2 I have are both over the limit. Luckily I was able to work something out with both companies and I am slowly but surely paying them off. But, after I got into a car accident and was suddenly bed and wheelchair bound, I found myself with nothing else to do but buy myself and my son new things all the time. I make sure my bills are paid NOW, in the beginning, I didn't even care about that stuff. I know there are support groups and its a big step in the right direction to admit you have a problem. As far as your husband, even though you think he will get mad, I think you should try talking to him.